Monday , August 2 2021

The palace in which the film Crazy Rich Asians is filmed is worth $ 3.5 billion

The actual state of the building, set in "Crazy Rich Asian"

Istana Udnyuk, the site for the film "Crazy Rich Asians" is estimated to be worth $ 3.5 billion.

All-Holly Hollywood blockbuster won millions as the most popular Asian movie, even where the film was shot.

The palace is located near Holland Road and Tyersall Avenue, near the Singapore Botanic Garden, located on one of the most desirable residential districts.

The palace, which was larger in size, was built by the royal ancestors of the late 19th century. The land gradually becomes smaller as the government acquires land for the expansion of the Botanical Garden, which is now the site of World Heritage by UNESCO.

While the building looks spectacular outside, with a magnificent Peranakan-style architecture, it is unfortunately surrounded by a monkey's stool.

Currently, it is not prepared for residential and commercial purposes, as the government has defined it as "special use of green areas".

Other magnificent mansions included in the film include the golden mansion of the Peck Lin family home (a hero in the movie), also known as The Goh Mansion, a real estate in Singapore.

Another high end is the bar where Rachel and Peek Lin had their nightgirls in Bukit Pasoh.

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