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The theory of playing thrones for Theon turns Bran in White Walker is wild

Another day, another Game of Thrones season 8 theory.

But, unlike some of the more bananas (* cough * Vary is a crema *), this hell actually has legs (* cough * in contrast to Varis, which is a cream *).

Today's theory is that Theon Greyjoy will turn Bran Stark into White Walker during the next week's episode as the last way to regain that he has been a member of the Starks several seasons back. Reddit user cabtx has assembled everything together and we are in it, tbh.

The theory of playing thrones for Theon transforms Bran into White WalkerHBO

Let's recall all the times in which Theon saved the life of Bran in the past.

Theon sent an arrow across the back of the Dweller (right through the heart) when the wild man held a knife on Bran's throat. The second time was by putting Bran and Ricken's death when they escaped from Winterfell. Pretending to be dead, he inadvertently defended them. This prevented them from being persecuted, persecuted or sought by other possible enemies. "

The theory of playing thrones for Theon transforms Bran into White WalkerHBO

Moving forward, Bran decided he was the only person who could put an end to Night King, but the way to do so is to become a White Walker.

"Bran has a master plan and will start running it in Episode 3 when he turns it into a white Walker in the Woodward Forest!" With powers of green, [warging], And the vast knowledge of 3ER [three-eyed raven]Bran could turn into BB with the same powers of the King Night. In fact, it may be more powerful than the CC. This could allow Bran to fight or control the ice dragon and / or RES. I guess he can. It will be key in removing the King of the Night by interrupting or challenging the powerful capabilities of the NC to fight.

Do you remember how Teon offered to stay with Bran to try to protect him from the King of the Night? Well, the plan is that Teon will sacrifice by shooting the arrow of the dragon's fence through Bran's heart, which we all know that the children of the forest first created the King of the Night. And I mention a "sacrifice" because let's be honest – the second Bran is a white Walker who will definitely kill Theon. Horror …

The theory of playing thrones for Theon transforms Bran into White WalkerHBO

"By fulfilling this last wish of Bran, Teon will lean Bran in the only weapon capable of defeating the NR. Bran will become a Light Bearer who will repel the darkness … All the guilt, punishment and regret of Theon are wrapped in Bran. Bran is the key to the redemption of Theon. By turning Bran into a new Night King, Theon will finally be redeemed.

Well, it was nice to know you, Theon …

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