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"This is an auto-lock!": SCDF, RSAF among people with carefree reception of Geek's viral video, Singapore

SINGAPUR – "You took me hostage!" – It's an automatic lock!

Most Singaporeans could already identify these phrases of heated exchanges between Göek's driver and his unfortunate traveler after his video became viral online.

A seven-minute clip of the incident indicating that the passenger accuses the driver of kidnapping was examined almost 700,000 times and was shared more than 11,100 times since it was first published on Facebook last Thursday (January 31st).

Just days after the incident, the phrases are immortalized by several organizations that inadvertently capitalize on the publicity incident.

In a post on Saturday in Singapore, the Singapore Civil Protection Forces released a photo of two officers – a man behind a wheelchair and a woman holding a walkie-talkie – in a position similar to that of Goeek's driver, Mr. Kamarosaman Abdul Latif and his traveler.

The publication begins with the words "no matter who you are, we'll transfer you to the hospital."

SCDF then marks Gojek's post when advising members of the public to call 1777 or seek alternative transport such as "Taxis, Grab or Gojek" for appropriate medical treatment in emergencies.

No matter who you are, we'll take you to the hospital, but only in an emergency.

For emergencies, please …

Posted by Singapore Civil Protection Force on Saturday, February 2, 2019

The post also says, "Psst, our emergency doors are automatically locked for your safety, so do not worry unnecessarily.

In the video on Thursday, the driver can be heard heavily that the doors of the car are locked automatically after the passenger screams out loud that he takes her hostage.

Several other organizations refer to this situation.

Caltex Singapore has published on its Facebook page a cartoon drawn in the likeness of Mr. Kamarosaman and his traveler, the latter being depicted with frowning.

Posts say: "Your cars may have automatic locking functions, but your belts are not. Do not forget to install the seat belts!"

Your cars may have automatic locking functions, but the safety belts are not available. Do not forget to insert the seat belts!

Posted by Caltex Singapore on Friday, February 1, 2019

In some parts of the video, the passenger does not seem to wear a seat belt.

The Singapore Air Force (RSAF) said on Sunday a Facebook post: "When the front and rear seats work in harmony to safely guard our sky, even in the holiday season."

The picture accompanying the post shows two RSAF pilots in the cockpit of an airplane who give their fingers.

When the front and rear seats work in harmony to keep our sky even in the holiday season. ??

And yes, the automatic safety lock! ?


Published by the Republic of Singapore Air Force on Saturday, February 2, 2019

The post adds: "And yes, the shed is automatically locked for safety!" This phrase is accompanied by emoticons depicting a blinking face.

A post on the ASUS Republic of Gamers Facebook page, run by the Asus laptop maker, uses the #NotTakingYouHostage hashtag.

Accompanying it is the image of one of the laptops, with the inscription: "When even the laptop has an auto-lock feature."


Posted by ASUS Republic of Gamers on Thursday, January 31, 2019

The local rental company Smove said in a Facebook post: "Smove's cars are equipped with a central locking system so you will never hear of passengers who say they were kidnapped."

On the photo accompanying the post, there is a text, "Keep calm and unlock inside", with a footnote: "The kidnapping is not recommended."

Smove cars are equipped with a central locking system, so you will never hear of passengers who say they were kidnapped. ?

Posted by Smove – car sharing on Friday, February 1, 2019

The different cascades seem to have paid off. For example, at 19:00 on Sunday, SCDF's post gained over 6,800 shares and more than 11,000 responses, while Caltex had about 6,000 shares and 5,400 responses.

Most commentators responded positively to the humorous actions.

Facebook user Jason Yong said about SCDF: "I see what you did there, a nice hahah!"

Another user, Kenneth Yeo KH, said about the RSAF mail: "Ha ha, even the Air Force guys do it!"

Update: "Okay, when I got to AETOS STATION, she was making a lot of noise while the Cisco officer talked to her. She quickly …

Published by ROADS.sg on Thursday, January 31, 2019

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