Saturday , June 19 2021

Twitter Testing for Android, iOS app

San Francisco, Feb. 14 (IANS) In an attempt to tackle the talks with a summary of its application, the Twitter blog site reported that it was testing an overlay of a profile preview that would allow users to see information for each person answering their Tweet-threads.

Typically, Twitter does not automatically organize conversations in ways that are easy to dissect, so threads in tweets become hard to track, and users are lost in confusion.

This feature, which will work within and outside the topic, will show information about a replica, including Twitter biography, the number of followers, and when they join the service, The Verge reported on Wednesday.

Users will also have options to skip the full profile of other users along with the standard share options customized for the profile.

Twitter says this feature will soon arrive for Android users, the report said.

The company has also heard about testing the iOS feature that will allow users to check other people's profiles without having to leave their deadlines.

"A preview feature is a good way to help users stay focused on one particular conversation and gather important information about who is involved without having to constantly skip," the report added.

In a recent interview, Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsi mentioned that Twitter is working on ways to limit the mental and physical threats to its users that are triggered during or due to the digital conversation on its platform.

The site of micro-blogs also works on a feature that will track the origin of long tweets.


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