Saturday , June 19 2021

US stocks hold gains when the end of government stoppage is over

Industrial Average Dow Jones came out on Friday (January 25th) with strong gains and hopes for a US-Chinese trading war on Friday's fifth of its profits.

The markets, however, seemed a bit overwhelmed by the announcement by President Donald Trump of an agreement to reopen the federal government after the public services began to distort under the pressure of closing the record levels.

Earlier in the day, The Wall Street Journal also reported that the Federal Reserve is considering breaking the flow of several trillion dollars of bonds it holds, raising investors' moods.

The Dow Benchmark climbed 183.96 points (0.75%) by the end of the week at 24,737.20 points, wiping losses in 2018.

The broader S & P 500 rose 22.43 points (0.85%) to 2,664.76. At the same time, the Nasdaq technology grew by 18.45 points (1.26%), ending at 7,164.86.

Final prices left the Dow and Nasdaq, rising 0.1% a week, but S & P declined 0.2%, largely as a result of Tuesday's sale.

Carl Heling of LBBW told AFP that investors are the most receptive to positive news.

"The market is still trading with this bias to react more to positive news than to negative news," he said.

He also noted that the markets largely await Trump to flip into the battle of bequests to stop the government.

"After receiving confirmation, he did not give support to the market at all."

Intel plunged 5.5 percent of its disappointing profits, but investors were looking at it a little, encouraged by other good quarterly results.

Good feeling extends to the technology sector, such as Apple, Amazon, Google-mother's alphabet, and Facebook all achieve solid profits.

The eyes will be on the development of trade and monetary policy next week after the US authorities meet a Chinese trade delegation and the Federal Reserve announces its latest monetary policy decision.

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