Monday , November 29 2021

Wanna One member agencies speak on the group's 2-year anniversary


On Aug. 7, the respective agencies of Wanna One members spoke to earlier reports that told fans that most members of the project team would come together to celebrate their 2-year anniversary and congratulate their fans.

The labels of Park Ji Hoon and Kim Jae Hwan inform the media, "This is not an official schedule or event, but a private gathering."

Ha Sung Woon's label is retelling, "We are very careful not to give any private details about the meeting. It is difficult to make a more specific statement." On the other hand, Hwang Min Hyun's label comments: "[Hwang Min Hyun] today is busy with schedules. He will probably decide to attend the meeting after confirming his schedule. "

Currently, leader Yong Ji Sung is in the military conscription service, while Lai Quan Lin is out of reach because of his legal dispute with Cube Entertainment, The agencies of the other members have not yet responded to the news of the Wanna One meeting.

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