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We have just discovered the largest drum on Earth: the magnetosphere of our planet

A new study found that the Earth's magnetic shield beats like a drum when it is hit by external impulses. This confirms a decade of theory

Earth's magnetic field is driven by convective currents in the outer core of the Earth. Differences in temperature, pressure, and composition in the outer core cause some parts of the kernel to move. The stream of this liquid iron generates electrical currents, which in turn produce magnetic fields. The resulting magnetic fields produce additional electrical currents, which then generate their own magnetic fields and so on. This natural self-supporting line is called geodynamically and produces a magnetic field that revolves around the entire planet.

This magnetosphere is essential for Earth's life as it protects the atmosphere from erosion by the solar wind and diverts cosmic rays (high energy charged particles that are mostly out of the solar system). However, we still learn a lot about the magnetosphere. Apparently no one has come to the inner core to actually see how it is formed, and measurements of its overall structure remain challenging. In a new article, researchers describe a feature of this field, which was predicted mathematically 40 years ago, but has never been observed before.

In essence, when the impulse strikes the outer boundary of the magnetopause, the waves can move on itsrface. They then greflect back when approaching the magnetic poles. Little is how the acoustic waves are absorbed and reflected by a drum. When the impulse interacts with the Earth's magnetosphere, the interference of the waves leads to a constant wavern iWhich specific points seem to be stationary while others spew back and forth – just like the drum that resonates in strikes.

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Dr. Martin Archer, a cosmic physicist at Queen Mary University in London and the lead author of the report, explains:

"There has been speculation that these vibrational vibrations may not occur at all, given the lack of evidence in the 45 years since they were proposed. Another possibility is that they are very hard to find.

"The magnetic shield on Earth is constantly shaking with turbulence, so we thought the clear evidence of the proposed violent vibrations might require a sharp impulse stroke. You will also need many satellites just in the right places during this event so that other known sounds or resonances can be turned off. The event in the newspaper ticked all these tight boxes, and finally we showed the natural reaction on the border, "Archer said.

To prove this theory conclusively, researchers used data from five NASATHEMIS satellites specifically designed for magnetosphere research. These five satellites were ideally located when a strong isolated plasma jet crashed into the magnetopause.

The probes were able to detect the oscillations of the boundary and the sounds it received in the magnetic shield of the Earth, which confirmed the drum model and excluded any alternative explanations.

The earth is not alone with the magnetosphere. Other planets like Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn have also found that they have a similar magnetic shield, which means drum vibrations can be made elsewhere. However, further research is needed to understand how often these vibrations happen and what matters.

Magnetopausal movements can have far-reaching effects on space time, potentially harmful technologies such as power grids, GPS, and even passenger airlines.

Journal Reference: "Direct observation of the surface of the neighbor's magnetopausal fashion". Archer et al. Nature Communications,

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