Monday , August 2 2021 has launched sharp traffic while offering accounts and saving

Bank on Monday opened a sharp operation. Slovakia can open a checking account, some products are lost in bank offers.


Photo source: allows you to open an account currently using a mobile application, the bank system does not need to sign a paper contract or bank account. The bank account associated with the email address and account contract is currently signed directly into the application. "Everything that someone needs from a bank is equipped with a number of cranks on cellphones. This is the first cellular principle. There is no courier, no branch, account signing when the account is made directly into the application, and finally verifying the bank's identity and client documents via video call , "said the bank.

When opening an account, you need to collect a resident ID card. Although the ID is equipped with chips, this solution does not communicate with mobile devices, so currently does not use it.

"We are starting a new phase. Everyone can try mobile banking every day. Because it prepares your account via cellular, various types of deposits, pay per click, fingerprint registration, card blocking, and cellular payments. With mobile apps, people always know how much they can still spend on their next payment, the bank communicates with them through push notifications, and the person has a perfect picture of their daily expenses and long-term goals, "said Marek Šupa, CEO of

Banks have not provided loans, so there is no credit card, because this is also a kind of credit. Besides the current account, however, savings are available. "The savings called Syslenie work on the basis of one of the two scoring rules, namely non-central accounts or card payment rounding," the bank said. "Every amount that comes to an account or client account will leave a surplus penny and send it to savings," the bank explained.

The 365th Bank is a branch of Poštová banka. 365. Bank itself is a mobile bank that does not have its own ATM network, but clients can use ATMs and POS terminals at no cost. In total, there are more than 1,700 places where clients can withdraw cash for free. The choice of ATM and other terminals is valued at € 2.5 per ticket.

The bank has released an application for Android-powered devices and iPhone applications. The bank is currently preparing credit and investment products. For several months, the bank has worked in beta mode.

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