Thursday , August 18 2022

A huge meteorite erupted in Jupiter. There was only lightning in the photos


flflflflfl – Pixabay

Jupiter, the fifth planet of our solar system, is known to serve as a natural shield on Earth. In the past, it has already protected our Earth from many huge meters that would otherwise cause damage in literally catastrophic proportions. Just a few days ago, the gas giant hit another large object that would mark the end of the blue planet we inhabit.

As the portal informs BGRA few days ago, NASA showed pictures of Jupiter taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. But while everyone admired the beauty of the gas planet, she left alone collision with a huge meteorite,

Just a "small" flash

The photos below represent the actual contact of the meteorite with the surface of the planet. As you can see, the crash left only a "small" flash. But it's Jupiter 1321 times bigger than Earthwhich means we're not talking about a "small" meteorite.


photographer Ethan Chapel decided to go a little farther and made a short animation of the available footage that he hung on Twitter through his profile @ChappelAstro,

In the past, Jupiter has suffered much larger and smaller collisions with meteors or asteroids, many of which have left quite extensive scars. Although in this case it was a contact with one of the larger meteorites, the gas giant pulled the left back,

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