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A preview then in Hollywood – Noizz


The cult director Quentin Tarantino's new movie is widely spoken months before it premieres. In addition to the director's name, the best free-to-air marketing is taken care of by the lead actor duo, which is one of the most famous and respected names in contemporary cinema. Plus, in combination with the beautiful Margo Robbie and the colorful retro visuals, it was clear that he would then become a big blockbuster in Hollywood (and so it had already happened in the US). Finally, its format did not go beyond the content itself.

Set in Los Angeles in 1969, Tarantino's 9th film focuses on the main trio of heroes – the slowly fading western movie star, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), his longtime brilliant Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), and the rising act Sharon Tate (Margo Robbie). Then in Hollywood is the first film in which Tarantino (slightly) inspired realityAlthough the main characters are fictional, Sharon Tate was a real actress and wife of director Roman Polanski, who was killed by cult members of Charles Manson. Tate was pregnant at the time of the murder. Tarantino received the release to include this character in Sharon's sister, Debra.

We also see some insights into the Charles Manson "family" and thus members (especially young members) of his cult who are willing to do the worst for their leader. And although we know exactly what they did in 1969, Tarantino is inspired by these events, but his history has been revised in his own way. And as we are used to, quite bizarre, comical and cynical.

The cult of Charles Manson, however, is only against the background of the film, and while the underlying premise may suggest that the film will relate mainly to events related to it, in fact the work is rather a testament to the end of the golden age of Hollywood by the example of three different charactersThis time has brought many changes that affect Rick Dalton as well. He received the Western bad guy sticker, which is why he ultimately relies on pictures of spaghetti westerns in Italy and carries his miserable fame. All his whims obediently and calmly the Englishman has been worn for a long time by Cliff, officially his copier, but in fact a kind of retention. The two characters are very contrasting – while Cliff is a little pleased and reminiscent of a real cowboy, Rick feels misjudged, falls out of self-pity and suffers from his fragile ego. The character of Sharon Tate, whose star is just slipping away and filled with joy and optimism, is also contrasting. In contrast, Rick Dalton, whose career is declining, seeks solace in alcohol and cynicism. Tarantino shows these characters The Hollywood Acting Cyclehow the film industry can grind people and then replace them.

The movie with its huge 162-minute footage causes that there will be no need for action and who is waiting for the right action conspiracy, he will not see what can cause disappointmentRather, the movie is a nostalgic and satirical omage to this Hollywood era, which should have judged the proper movie "Fool." He will be enthused by the many messages and details that Tarantino did not spare. Especially during the first two hours of tranquility, Tarantino continues, coughing on stencils, collecting various and disconnected scenes (or even scenes in scenes) that he likes and that may not matter much, but they just have to relate to something. e. they will bring the aesthetic experience or dose of black humor we are used to in Tarantino. There are many funny situations and especially Bruce Lee and Cliff (of which the daughter of Lee, who claims Tarantino disgraces his father's memory) dislikes her, will surely become a cult time. This tarantine is also different from the one here we don’t see much violence or blood, which the director is otherwise a big fan of. There aren't many twists or mindfucks either, but you don't have to worry about coughing up the audience completely.

The visually focused viewer comes into his own thanks to the beautiful footage won by the directors and also captured an analogue that gives them a warmer vintage look and richer colors. Add to that the costumes that perfectly complement the characters and their characters (Tarantino's Hawaiian shirt will also return) and, of course, a soundtrack full of 60s tunes, which is one of the most successful elements of the movie, but that's what we're used to.

We can now expect that time in Hollywood will be nominated for an Oscar at least in the technical categories, but there is no place in the main ones. However, American scientists like Birdman, The Artist, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if the movie was in the most famous category. However, the performances of the major stars must also be appreciated DiCaprio – Pitt, who fits together perfectly and has managed to create one of the most successful movie couples last years. Leo has more opportunities to show a range of emotions, and as always turns out to be one of the best actors of modern times, especially in a scene with a charming 8-year-old girl (who tells him). Pete, on the other hand, suffers from his concise facial expression and natural charm that easily takes over the whole canvas.

DiCaprio and Pete steal the whole movie for themselves (though Al Pacino and said girl Julia Butters are breathing on their necks), but it's a pity that more Margot Robbie, who doesn't talk much in the movie, She missed out on a great acting opportunity to raise her again. Such a chance should not be repeated so soon.

So, what to expect from Tarantino's 9th (and last but one) film? Certainly nothing big. It is created by a fanatical movie buff for other movie buffs who will enjoy the details, allusions, the journey, the atmosphere and enjoy the cast. After leaving the cinema it is it's hard to explain what the movie is about, despite the fact that, thanks to his long shots, he has enough to make Tarantino's story. But he made his own way, and probably only he could make such a movie, practically for nothing, without boredom after all. The director made his dream come true with a very personal movie and no wonder. We'll see what's coming next and maybe last time.

Rating: 8 out of 10 firerometers.

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