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At age 87, political scientist Miroslav Kushi died

In the past Kusý was rector of Comenius University.

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Bratislava. At 87 on Wednesday, the political scientist and former Rector of Comenius University Miroslav Koussi died of heart failure.

J newspaper was confirmed by his wife Jolana Kusá.


Kusý originally graduated from the Charles University Philosophy Faculty, where he graduated postgraduate studies. During the following period he worked at Comenius University, where he became professor of Marxist philosophy from 1967 to 1970.

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In the following period, he was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Slovakia, a leading ideological unit.

After 1969 he was forbidden to teach and during his normalization he worked as a librarian at Comenius University.

In February 1977 he signed Charter 77, which called for respect for human rights in Czechoslovakia, as the third rank. He was subsequently dismissed from the university and worked for many years as a worker.

It is regularly inspected by State Security and occasionally preventively detained and tracked under the code name "RENEGAT".

In 1989, he spent ten weeks in prison, waiting for a trial of treason and a stumbling block to the republic. They released it immediately before the Revolutionary Revolution in November 1989.

Something, you made me very shame

He is one of the most important figures of the Twilight Revolution, during which he became vice VPN. Later, he was appointed Director of the Federal Press and Information Service.

He is the founder of the Slovak Helsinki Committee, the Milan Shimecek Foundation, and chair of the UNESCO Human Rights Commission in Slovakia.

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Later, he became Rector of Comenius University.

In 2001, President Rudolf Schuster awarded him the first ladies from Rad.

Koussi has been able to speak on topical issues, despite his senior age, and has been a regular associate of periodicals.

He also publishes in an SME magazine.

In 2013, in a commentary on SMEs, he sharply criticized Ivan Gashparovic for not wanting to appoint Josef Centez as Chief Prosecutor.

The head of state gave an ultimatum or appointed Sentasa, or to declare "civil disobedience and not to recognize him as his president."

"How much did the president do that made me very shame and spread trouble around you all over the country," wrote Kushi.

Trained Andrei Danko

Hungarian media about him in 2016 wrote that before the parliamentary elections in Slovakia he trained CIS chairman Andrei Danko.

In particular, he had to advise him to exclude the old guards from the old guard or to abandon the hate speech against the Hungarians.

Later, Coussi confirmed that he and Dance met at a time when he took the party after John Slot.

– It's true I met him. He also requested meetings. Perhaps a dozen times we met at the tavern and discussed these topics, "said Cushi.

When Danko recently called the opposition member Lucius Shurris Nicholson "some gypsy," Coussie says it is primitive.

"In a conflict situation he has repeatedly reacted as vulgarly as he is in it," he told Danka Coussi at the end of January.

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