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Calcium breaks down too much caffeine or sodas

Bratislava, August 1 (TASR) – Calcium from the human body breaks down alcohol, smoking, lots of caffeine, high sugar intake, but also drinking carbonated beverages with phosphoric acid. Peter Minarik, a physician and nutritionist, points out this. In the same way, in his words, it is not good to salt too much and eat too much animal protein.

"Bones contain up to 99 percent of the body's calcium supply. If we do not have enough in our diets for other important functions, such as muscle activity, nerve impulses, blood clotting or metabolism, the body restores calcium levels to the bones." move closer.

The expert points out that adequate calcium intake during childhood and puberty is paramount for bone formation and mineralization. However, she adds that bone mineralization continues even after the end of bone growth, ie. aged 18 and 30 years. At this time, bone density can increase by up to ten percent. Even such an increase in bone density results in a 50% reduction in the risk of osteoporosis-related pathological fractures.

A healthy lifestyle is also a prevention of osteoporosis. "According to clinical studies, physical inactivity is a definite cause of bone loss. Therefore, even at an older age, when fighting osteoporosis, exercise helps." he refines with the understanding that physical activity, movement and exercise have a major beneficial effect on bone density. Therefore, it is advisable to climb the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus earlier, or use the car for short distances. He also considers swimming, cycling, long walks or hiking appropriate activities.

According to Minarik, the diet should be supplemented with a diverse range of vegetables, legumes, tofu, and the drinking regimen should also contain mineral waters rich in calcium and high in magnesium. "An excellent source of well-absorbed calcium are calcium-rich mineral waters. On the one hand, they contain calcium in a free form that the human body can easily use, and on the other, they do not contain other substances that would interfere with the absorption of calcium or promote its higher excretion. " he added.

As he concluded, mineral water suitable for calcium supplementation must not only be high in calcium, but also contain enough magnesium to allow the body to use both substances well. Such a composition provides intake of calcium from mineral water comparable to dairy products.

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