Sunday , June 13 2021

Danko asks committee to decide on Fico: Kresak answers, resigns from membership in constitutional committee

The Constitutional Commission did not adopt an opinion on Fic's candidacy. For formal legal conditions, six coalition members voted against six opposition parties. At the same time, he did not even think Fico was eligible. On its behalf, the position of the Committee is not such. The opposition says there is not enough practice. Robert Madee (Smer-SD) held it. Kreshak does not vote because he also announces a vote and does not vote for himself and his opponent.

"Andrei Danko, President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, will invite Roberta Madeya, chair of the Constitutional Commission of the National Council of the SR, to discuss the matter with Robert Fico, whether positive or negative. Every candidate has the right to be heard and the committee responsible has to decide whether he or she is eligible, or this is stated in the opinion.

Presented by the President of the Constitutional Court

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

At the same time, Danko will warn Cresak to fulfill all his duties as a member of the Constitutional Commission (CPC). "If MEP Peter Krasack is a member of the II, he has no place for alibi position, his attitude creates a stalemate in the commission, Danko writes in his opinion. According to him, Kresack must be aware that an odd number of committee members is not arbitrary.

The painting is Peter Kreshak.

Danko asks the committee

Source: Jan Sheemiar

"Not to say that if she wanted to act purely and transparently, Ms Kresak had to give up her office in the committee, and if the committee did not decide in full, it would not be possible to elect constitutional judges at the SC, "Danko said.

– We have not yet provided Mr Danke with a copy of the minutes and resolutions adopted. I suppose we will fulfill this obligation on Tuesday (January 29th) and expect its official response to this. The question of whether a future committee meeting will be attended by MEP Kresak is a matter for him " Makeda replied.

Peter Kresak of the Bridge-Hid refuses to join the parliamentary constitutional commission. Kresak said this in response to the statement by National Council President Andrei Danko (SNS) about his vote on the candidates in the commission.

For the remaining 39 candidates, on which MEPs voted separately, the committee has always unanimously stated that the conditions are met. MEPs have a choice of 18 candidates to be proposed to the President of the Slovak Republic, Andrei Kiskov, who will appoint nine new judges from the Slovak Constitutional Court.

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