Thursday , July 29 2021

Despite Friday's decline, the DJIA index ended the week with strong added value

Illustrated image Photo: TASR / AP

NEW YORK, November 10 (TASR) – US stock markets have made another week every week, although the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell to 0.79% on Friday (9.11) to 25.989, 30 points. Compared to Friday, however, it rose 2.8%. Since the previous sharp decline at the end of October, it has increased by almost 8%.

Investors lowered the index decline on Friday mainly due to weaker results from several technology companies in the third quarter. Many are also worried about the decline in oil prices in the global market. According to them, that could be a signal that in the short term, the US boom will weaken. The latest data on steady levels has almost no impact at the end of the week on the positive development of stock prices. Meanwhile, consumer moods deteriorated slightly in the first November compared to analysts predicted.

Broader conception of the S & P 500 fell 0.92% to 2781.01 points.

The Nasdaq 100 Technology Index fell 1.67% to 7039.15 points.

Source:, TASR news portal

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