Thursday , June 17 2021

Even children in bed in bed, moistening, slow down the problem, reflect the psyche

This may affect their self-esteem, school results, or inclusion.

May 30 (TASR) – If the child feels the night after the fifth year of life, a doctor should be visited. This is not a common occurrence for such old children, says Andrea Cherniganska, a nephrologist at the Kramare Children's Faculty Hospital in Bratislava.

This may affect their self-esteem, school results, or inclusion. It points to today's World Day of Night Bedding. Its symbol is a yellow band.

At night, according to statistics, about 40,000 five-year-olds are wet. "Only two out of ten children will grow without medical aid from burning," "Cherniganska said. According to her, parents with eight or ten-year-old children will also come to the ambulance, especially in nature. The problem is solved. The doctor will determine the treatment individually, deciding 80 to 90 percent efficiency. Delaying treatment can affect the child's psyche for life.

Night is not a psychological, but a physiological problem. This is the unimpeded connection between the brain and the bladder. Most children are able to control urination during the day of about the third year of life. Later, they can do it at night.

Unlike an adult, the child can not wake up to full bloat at night. She sleeps much harder. Night wakes and escorts to the bathroom will also not help because the child will not remember it many times. Karhanie will not solve the problem.

Without a doctor visit, only one to two children out of ten can be cured every year. Successful diagnosis and treatment improves according to the achievements of the Clergy and the benefit to the child from school. More information can be found at There is also an online consultant for night consultants or expert contacts.

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