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Express Marriage Crash: The Marquis of Sexism Announces Divorce … Only One Year After Wedding!


Instead of enjoying the first wedding anniversary together, the opposite happened. Just a year ago, the partners got married and said yes. Their relationship had experienced some turmoil at a time when the blonde beauty during the Farm flirted publicly with her rival Tent, but the wedding came instead of splitting. However, it seemed that this time they were no longer able to solve the problems.

Eve herself posted on the social network. She has not yet revealed what caused the breakup of the marriage, but her words suggest that Matthew is currently "behind the ears" and he is a bitter end. "The 18th fate of the 8th day. Although you all congratulate me on my first wedding anniversary today, I must say the opposite," she began, showing that fans have no idea of ​​their crisis to tell the truth.

Eva Zelnikova and Matush got married just a year ago. However, instead of celebrating our first anniversary, separation came.

Express Marriage Crash: Marquis

Source: Instagram

"Unfortunately, based on my findings about some very serious circumstances, my husband and I are falling apart. I am announcing it here to understand my strange behavior, because I do not want to redraw that nothing is happening. These are very difficult times for me. I'm too sad and disappointed. Life is unstable and can turn 180 degrees in an instant, " wrote the blond woman clearly.

Eva Zelnikova announced the split via Instagram.

Express Marriage Crash: Marquis

Source: Instagram E.Z.

Just a year ago, Eve was still having one of the most beautiful days of her life.

Express Marriage Crash: Marquis

Source: Instagram E.Z.

She later added that she was asking for understanding and respect for privacy, and later added an archive photo of the wedding to the company of her bridesmaids, where she spoke only briefly. "Life really does hurt," she wrote in a photo she was still happily in love with. And since, as we mentioned, the relationship between Eve and Matthew really stood up long before, it could be assumed that this was something extremely serious …

Do you also know someone whose marriage has not lasted a year?

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