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FaceApp is crazy on the web. But is the application safe? You may lose your privacy

FaceApp has recently become an extremely popular application on the Internet. Its principle is very simple and despite the fact that such applications have already appeared in the past, it has achieved the greatest success. However, it has now been found that its use may not be safe at all for your privacy.

The Russian government has access to the collected data

The author of the popular FaceApp app, Jaroslav Goncharov, comes from the Russian Federation. There he even registered his company, Wireless LabThere is nothing wrong with not allowing personal data to be collected in the application terms.

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A Russian secret service may have access to FaceApp data

In particular, you agree that the app collects data about what you are watching on the web. Also by what devices, in what browsers, and so on. If this is not enough for you, just add that the Russian government (especially the secret services) is legally allowed to access corporate data such as Wireless Lab.

Nothing is confirmed, but the threat is here

Despite everything we mentioned above, it has never been written that the Russian Secret Service really collects and receives data obtained through FaceApp. However, using such an application is not completely safe for your privacy. Several experts even suggest you uninstall it immediately.

"If you think you can not intentionally spy on Russian news services or you generally do not want to send Russian data, you should avoid such services and applications." said the head of NGO Digital Safety Laboratory, Andrina Chulivskaja.

"If you sign in to your Facebook account – it requires access to general information about your account, email address and all the photos on your Facebook (including friends only or for yourself)

If you have set FaceApp as your smartphone application, it will also have access to all the photos on your smartphone, including those you've never posted on the web. " – says Chulivska.

Did you use FaceApp? Will you stop using it on the basis of such a warning? Tell us about it in the article.

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