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Google does not see it on social networks. Works on a new application

But in this case there is no competition on Facebook, developers have more modest plans.

Google then fiasco of your former social network on Google+ I refuse. Area 120 Experimental Team is currently working on developing a new application called Shoelace, which will become a social network for organizing local events. The message is written by the Android Police Portal.

The app is meant to get to know new people with the same interests that live in the neighborhood. If you find a match, the platform will allow you to organize a joint activity called Loop. There is also an option to add to existing events that appear on the map.

Four years later, Google brought Fit to iOS.

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The authors have promised a daily offer for hand-picked activities that will be recommended to individual users. Additionally, joining an existing community will require additional verification. So far, it is questionable how Google can handle all of its activities through its team of moderators.

Not so original concept

A little striking is the apparent similarity with Schemer's canceled Schemer, which also belongs to Google's portfolio. The platform was launched in 2011, but has been on the market for just three years. Both social networks have similar functionality, as Schemer pays for the lack of content moderators.

Shoelace definitely does not plan to compete with Facebook. The app is available on Android devices at least 8.0 and iOS 11 and above. So far, official websites do not mention adding a web version.

Developers are currently being tested in New York but in the near future the app should expand to more US cities.

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