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Hamsk is definitely targeting China! These words talk about everything

Marek Hamshik
Marek Hamshik

Napoli – Slovak football player Marek Hamshik will make a transfer from SNC Naples to China in the near future. Italian media reported that the 31-year-old midfielder should sign a contract with Ta-lien I-fang. If the transfer really took place, Hamik left SSC Naples for less than twelve years. The Chinese have to pay 25 million euros for his services.

"He talks about a Chinese team contract, he wants a new challenge and Naples will not defend him because the club has a great deal of respect for him because he writes a story, wants to move forward and we want him to be happy so we can let him go " citing SSC Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti, who reported on the eventual transfer of a Benoit Bornitsa native after Saturday's 22nd round of Serie A 2018/2019 against Sampdoria Genoa. The 3: 0 triumph of the CP played at the 74th minute.

The Chronicle of Hamsik's transfer to China was also commented by his teammate Lorenzo Insin. "Marek is a champion on and off the pitch and he's a symbol of our club where he has been playing for almost 12 years, whether he's gone or not, that's just his decision, and I'd like to stay with him for many years, but he must decide what is best, said the 27-year-old striker.

Marek Hamik was transferred to SNC Naples in the summer of 2007 by Brescia. Previously, he played for Slovan Bratislava. He played 520 games and scored 121 goals.

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