Monday , September 26 2022

He didn't want to pay for his suitcase: a genius trick


Ryanair has introduced new restrictions on handbags. Passengers have decided to cheat new rules in big style!

Tridstiatnik Lee Cimino, who is from the English city of Leek, did not agree with the new accusations that the airline introduced for baggage. Therefore, that on his way to Belfast he will be wrapped in a coat! Yes, the only thick old coat, he can keep everything Lee needs. He has underwear, shirts, toothbrushes and other toiletries.

"It's an ordinary coat with our pockets fastened so she can store her clothes and clothes, and she's big enough to carry everything she needs." Lee said that he passed the airport control. All he had to do was take off his coat and put it on the belt to get past the scanner. He added that he was fine while he hoped he would be more nervous.

He claimed he didn't break the rules because he owned all the items in his shirt. Your trick is allegedly ready to repeat again to avoid the latest charges. It's only a matter of whether he can do it, because he has presented his knowledge openly. Facebook has uploaded photos and videos of all events.

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