Sunday , June 13 2021

Her belly is growing: the pregnancy of Jasmine Allaghi

Soon the beautiful and exotic leader will have the most beautiful title in the world and will bring his first child to the world.

More recently, Jasmin Alagic informed her fans of the most joyous message in her life. She and her partner Patrick "Rhythm" Vrbovski will soon see a confused baby, so there is no doubt that they belong to the most viewed couples of our puppies.

Pregnancy added it to beauty

Jasmina and Patrick returned from exotic holidays a few days ago and many of them did not miss an interesting detail. Jasmine shines happily ever before, and pregnancy adds more to her beauty. I still do not see Jasmine's stomach, but she obviously feels slightly different.

She recently wrote about her pregnancy in one of her contributions to the social network.

"My friends are bad, this is my last month when I changed my favorite dress, but that does not mean I'm giving up, NEVER! Just make a button and he will …", writes Jasmine below the picture.

Well, it looks like future mum Jasmine Alagic will be among the lucky ones who will not have to make a big head of pregnancy. But many say the fiancé of our most famous rapper is more exquisite than ever.

They are also divorced from the sex

Jasmine and Patrick do not hesitate to share their luck with their fans. Recently, they have even confirmed that exotic beauty carries a baby under the heart of which the two parents are extremely happy.

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