Thursday , August 18 2022

In Europe, the world's largest charging station is likely to grow


The Belgian Zoo will build a huge "solar car parking lot" with charging stations for its visitors. Not only will it become the largest of its kind in the world, it will also be the most powerful solar power plant in Wallonia and probably the largest charging station so far.

Renewable energy and electric vehicles are driving the world, as seen in the Belgian Zoo's Pari Daisza solar park project, which is said to be the largest spokesman for Claire Gillenstein zoo. The huge parking lot will be equipped with a number of photovoltaic panels and charging stations for electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

This will not only provide comfort to the "electrified" visitors. Its solar system is to produce up to 20 GWh of electricity a year. And thanks to 62 750 solar panels on the roof. Such amount of energy is not consumed by the entire zoo or the electric vehicles of its visitors. The surplus should therefore be fed into the mains.

Probably the largest charging station

Owners of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are expected to initially expect 80 unspecified charging stations. However, in general they can be built up to 800.

By comparison, the largest charging stations in the world, operated by Tesla in China, have about 50 charging stands. Apparently the largest Tesla Supercharger station in Europe, located near Oslo, Norway, has 44 charging points. Thus, the Belgian Zoo's parking lot may be the largest charging station in the world.

Solar roof systems that provide clean solar energy to charge vehicles to the socket are increasingly using Tesla in their charging stations. One of the latest examples is Las Vegas' state-of-the-art station, which also includes Tesla Powerpack batteries and a new generation of Supercharger V3 chargers.

But back to the world's largest solar car parking lot. This should be completed (for € 20 million) and open by mid-next year. It must provide 7,000 parking spaces.

Sources: Brusselstimes, Lecho, cover illustration: Perpetum

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