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In Piestany they prepare for the opening of the Christmas market ceremony, starting with tree lighting


This event is held at a personal cost by private companies, the city only provides public space.

PIEŠŤANY, November 20 ( – The Christmas market in Piešťany will welcome the first visitors this Friday. In addition to baked specialties, punch or honey, organizers have prepared daily cultural programs for all ages.

Opening ceremony

A series of concerts and adventures in the spa city center will last for a full month. Christmas Market in Piešťany organizes private companies on the basis of contracts with cities, cities only provide public space.

The opening ceremony of the Christmas market will take place on Friday, November 23, at 4:00 p.m., with traditional Christmas trees on Wintero Street.

The program will continue with Borovienka and the U2 October Revival performance, which plays the biggest hit of a popular Irish rock band. The main star of the weekend program is Cuban singer Janelys Fernandez Diaz.

Controversial March of Devils

The organizer of the Christmas market Piešťanské is preparing for mid-December and the March of Devils, which in his performance last year aroused a lot of emotions. More than a thousand people signed the petition against this event, but they did not belong to the period before Christmas.

The mayors of Miloš Tamajka and city representatives also deal with the devil. The demon parade met with special interest from the people, around 10,000 spectators came to the center of Piestany.

The Christmas market in Piešťany opens its doors first in the Trnava region. In that area, they started a week later. Unlike Piešťany, where they are regulated by B & amp; Group, they are provided at Trnava by city hall.

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