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Infant inaccuracies are increasing, mosquitoes quickly spread Life in the city

Children's inactivity has now reached alarming numbers. The vaccination of children of mosquitoes that are still expanding in three counties – Banska Bystrica, Trencin and Bratislava even fell to a safe level of 95%.

Doctors for the current troubled state and the measles epidemic are particularly guilty of vaccination campaigns. These vaccinations are often associated with expressions such as autism, risk, inefficiency or pharmaceutical business. The truth, however, is that the epidemic of measles is spreading in Slovakia. Perhaps the most logical argument for the current situation is the fact that in only three regions childhood inoculation of young children has fallen below 95%. In particular, these are Bansko-Bistrita, Tracian and Bratislava.


The portal even reports that the situation is currently extinguished until it is considered that kindergartens will not have to accept uninvited children in the future at all. It is assumed that such children will not be taken to the kindergarten at all in order to prevent the spread of such diseases and subsequent epidemics.

As a consequence of the reduction in vaccination, experts point to the fact that such a number of gambling disorders as we have at the end of the 1990s. Consequently, vaccination should not be underestimated.

The epidemic of measles does not only affect Slovakia, but this problem affects all of Europe at the moment. The big chest problems are for example in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the new year are infected up to 20 000 people! In our country, the worst situation is in the Kosice area.

However, according to the portal, doctors still meet with people who explicitly refuse vaccination because they have created an opinion based on reading numerous articles from the Internet and so it is very necessary to direct things to the right. The inoculation percentage should be kept above the 95% threshold. But the harmlessness of children in Slovakia has fallen below this safe border. So many cases of measles were last recorded in the 1990s!

Statistics are a rational thought for themselves.



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Since December of this year in the Czech Republic, uneducated children over three years old probably do not get their parents in the kindergarten. In addition, other child groups and similar devices will not be available. The newspaper is also inspired by Slovakia.

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