Tuesday , September 21 2021

Infantino threatens big New Time clubs

Players who will operate in European Super League League clubs planned will not be able to start at the World and European Championships. This was announced by FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Wednesday.

"You are here or you are there," making Infantino choices in response to alleged plans by Europe's biggest clubs to launch new elite competitions, independent of UEFA and national associations, in 2021. Germany Der Spiegel reports on preparations based on Football Leakage data.

In the Superlige, 16 clubs must begin according to the documents that have passed. Eleven founders (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea London, Arsenal London, Manchester City, Liverpool, Paris St. Germain, Juventus Turin, AC Milan and Bayern Munich) must participate in each year for a period of 20 years. The so-called "from invited clubs (Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Olympique Marseille, Inter Milan and AS Roma) can fall to the lower division.

"If you break away, you break up, you can't have one leg inside and one outside, that's our approach to everything, but of course lawyers can discuss it for a long time, said Alasdair Bell, director of the FIFA Law Department.

Infantino, according to AP, is still sure there is a solution that will even be fulfilled by the biggest clubs. This could be a new MS club model project, where 24 participants will be at least 12 Europeans.

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