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It seems to have triggered another long-term smartphone

The age of classic plastic SIM cards has its best years apparently behind. The word gradually acquires eSIM cards, a solution when the SIM card is part of the chip on the smartphone. In this case, the "drawer" of the SIM card may become an unnecessary question.

And it is entirely possible for users to enjoy this solution. It is enough to look at the growing trend of wireless solutions, such as the need to carry cables.

Whether in the form of headphones or chargers. The physical SIM card, removing it from the phone and transferring it will become a "virtual solution."

The first official presentation of the eSIM card in Slovakia by Orange Operator in cooperation with Samsung. The flagship "eSIM Revolution" became (perhaps unusual) the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (we just brought you a remarkable video).

However, the latest iPhones, XR, XS and XS Max will soon come to this short portfolio.

HN / Peter Mayer

Among the first in Slovakia we tested the iPhone XR along with eSIM, although Orange did not officially activate it on these iPhone.

"We officially launched eSIM only on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but we are technically ready to provide this service to new phones from the start. eSIM can be used by customers, but we will officially launch it once we are certified by Apple, " Orange spokesperson Alexandra Piskunova said.

HN / Peter Mayer

Situation in Slovakia

Operators operating on the territory of Slovakia currently support Orange's official eSIM and, according to our information, it is still unclear when other operators are officially released to support eSIM.

The whole process of activation went smoothly, and we did not have any unusual behavior even when working with the phone. We have not experienced any disadvantages compared to calls or data through a classic physical SIM card.

We also saw work with chat services related to a phone number, light and reliable. Activating WhatsApp or Viber and their use will certainly not cause you a problem.

HN / Peter Mayer

What makes eSIM significantly

The new eSIM (embedded SIM) must install the SIM card in the device directly to the manufacturer. Users will be able to use this service not only in smartphones, but also in watches, tablets, laptops, small sensors or intelligent cars.

HN / Peter Mayer

According to Ivan Golyan, Head of Information Systems and Networking at Orange Slovensko, eSIM has made a significant contribution:

"We had the opportunity to wait another five years and have 20 more devices and release them at that time. We did not wait because we wanted to test and run news on the web. eSIM is not an evolutionary change, it is a revolutionary change. eSIM provides a diametrically different view of Industry 4.0, providing a second-generation service for 5G. It is an important gateway to the Internet of things as a whole, but also to the Internet of Business and Business Relations by Businesses (B2B, B2C).

This will allow them to have their own internet connection and devices where the physical SIM card has not been placed before.

How to Start eSIM

Your device must initially support an eSIM card. This feature must first be built by the manufacturer. In the second step, the eSIM solution must support your operator.

"As the embedded eSIM is presented to the device by its individual manufacturers, Orange guarantees its customers full functionality of the devices they have tested so far and at the same time are available" notes the orange operator.

Therefore, if you try to activate the eSIM card to request a service or other eSIM-related data for informally supported devices, then the operator is not required to observe it.

It is also important to have the latest version of the operating system installed on your device and connected to WiFi. Then everything should work smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to proceed with activation?

The actual activation process of an eSIM enabled smartphone takes literally a few seconds. However, the client needs the so-called eSIM profile, which is the program (flat rate). It comes in the form of a QR code.

When prompted, it scans the device and can use it for a few seconds after logging on to the network. You can upload more than one account per chip, but only one can be active and can be removed at any time.

2. What is the difference in the prices of SIM and eSIM apartments?

If you want to activate a completely new eSIM package, you do not pay for eSIM. If you want to transfer your existing fixed rate (and physical SIM card) to eSIM, you will pay a fee of € 10. It is the same as issuing a new SIM card. All other accounts for the same billing period will be priced at 2.99 euros.

3. How do I transfer the eSIM card when you want to replace the phone?

First you need to disable eSIM on the original smartphone. You can then re-enable it on the second smartphone. "Deactivating eSIM in your phone is equivalent to removing a plastic SIM card from your phone," says Orange spokesperson Alexandra Piskunova.

However, keep in mind that you need to apply for a new eSIM with your existing flat rate. You'll get a new QR code that needs to be captured on your device.

4. How to activate eSIM on your watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm watch has an extra step. You need a smartphone with an application to control these watches. Android is Galaxy Wearable, for iOS is the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

In app settings, you can simply add a new mobile program and grab a QR code with the smartphone. This will activate eSIM on your watch and will be a separate device with your own phone number.

What are the benefits of eSIM:

  • First of all, it's about changing the shape of the SIM card. The embedded chip becomes a plastic object directly on a smartphone or other device.
  • Customers will not be able to deal with SIM card damage or loss or breakage.
  • The advantage is that it creates space to improve the water resistance of the devices. Future devices will have a "hole less".
  • The ESIM card is twice as low as the classic Nano-SIM, so it saves space on your devices. This can be used by manufacturers for more useful components.

What are the drawbacks of eSIM:

  • When exchanging smartphones with eSIM, you need to request a new QR code to activate eSIM. But he must arrive in turn by e-mail.
  • One number can not currently be used on multiple devices. But Orange is working on it.
  • To activate, you need a WiFi connection.

Do not forget to watch our video where everything is shown.

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