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Kishka does not want to lose all presidential benefits – Home – News

The state limousine and the state-sponsored guard also go to the events related to the creation of his new party. And if Andrei Kishka arrives in Parliament or the government after the next year's election, these benefits will remain.

Compared to his colleagues, he will have great benefits
for example, two state salaries. MEP Most-Híd Peter Kresak comes
with the assumption that the bonuses the ex-president enjoys are such
temporarily suspended. Kishka, however, does not want to give up security
He personally attacks the pastel. However, the MP is not alone who has such an opinion.
Several politicians and experts agree that Kishka is entering politics
created a non-standard situation, and some changes are: t

By the time the feature expires, residents leave the default policy
continue to represent the country, publicly appear in different forums.
Consequently, the law also grants them the right to lifetime remuneration of
this is EUR 3 039 (with the exception of flat-rate compensation).
They also receive from the Office for the Protection of Constitutional Officials a
diplomatic missions serve as 'full' tank, driver and driver
steward in one person. They have a presidential title and a high
position of the protocol. The protocol ranks fifth, the current one
Chairman, President of the National Council, Prime Minister and Chairman
The Constitutional Court.

Initially the law was designed to end the head of state
leaving office for political retirement.

In the context of Kisk's future political career, he pointed to the constitutional one
Most attorney and deputy Peter Peter Kresák about the possibility of stopping
the benefits of a politically active president. "At first the law was conceived
so that the head of state after his cabinet leaves
in a political pension. But today we are in a situation where it turns out
presidents may not be politically passive in the future and will
Apply for more features. There is a requirement to fix it,
because in addition to life rental, security or vehicle is sure
protocol things like addressing and typing. Perhaps it would be reasonable
other constitutional functions, "he explained

Kresak refused that his proposal was directed personally against Kisk, after all
Chairman Zuzana Čaputová. "He's not against anyone. That's all
to be ridiculously tied to specific people. This is something I see
the constitutional system. That's why I take cheap labels
such as lex Kiska. I believe other presidents will come after Ms.
this problem can be repeated. The president is in France
in the Constitutional Council, something like our Constitutional Court. But here it is
for example, release if the president tries to return to politics. That is right
a problem with the accumulation of functions and the issue of equality, "Kresak said.

Since it is not about taking the benefits but just about stopping, it's not what he thinks
in the case of Kisku, he speaks of retroactivity. "It's enough to go in."
The Law on Salaries of Certain Constitutional Officials. I have
a draft amendment is being prepared. I sent her to a coalition partner to do so
discuss it and see what the conclusion will be. Also from political reactions
I feel I can best understand the problem while I open it. "
Kreshak added.

VIDEO: Lex Kiska and Lex Caput? I'm not directing anyone
says Kresak

Kishka: I have to smile if someone wants to deal with my law

However, Kishka personally took this activity. He attacks Kresak. "Mr.
MEP Kresák is silent when MEPs raise their salary a thousand euros a month, and
he is silent, even though his party, "Most High", wants to take money out of the city by law
and municipalities. Of course, I would never have agreed to get two from the state
pay. I also have to smile if someone wants to deal with my law
greeting. I really do not care, "the President said.

The state limousine and the guards who go with him to the events they do
they are related to the creation of his political party, but he does not want to give up. "me
I did not choose it, the police act in accordance with the law approved by the MEPs
I can only respect him. But finally, the government must come
it will solve people's problems, not the laws to deal with the previous ones
"Kishka said.

Deputy Chairman Martin Glvach responded to Cresa's proposal
positive. – Great idea. I mentioned such a decision for the president
Andrei Kishka in the presidential palace. I will certainly support him
and I will try to get support from my colleagues, "he said
social network.

The home page of the drawing house Most – thinks this discussion so far
prematurely and wants to discuss it first in the party. – With this
the legislator does not rely on the current state of affairs, namely this
President returns to active politics, can not agree, she said
The spokesperson of Mosta-Híd Klára Debnár.

Danko is not in the change

The President of the Third Coalition Party, Andrei Danko (CIS), made this change
it does not grow. Appeals to the spirit of Kisk. – I just take it like a splash
Dr. Kresack. It's just theorizing. If the chairman of Bella introduced it
Bugar, we will talk about it. This is a moral question to Andrew Kick, how
he keeps his headlines whether he will use his presidential benefits on a political footing
beating. If I were in his place, I would give up the benefits, "the chairman said

Neither the opposition, which admits that Kishka has submitted the proposal, has rejected the crab proposal
changes in habits and we have to deal with them in some way
create a custom that is part of the political culture, right?
Presidents are no longer in politics after their office. He changed it
of Andrei Kishka, who entered the party after the presidency
politics. That is why we would like to hear his opinion on this issue. "
SaS spokesman Robert Bucek said.

According to the NGO, the president has to take advantage of only one function

Ordinary people are convinced that the president should only receive
benefits of one function. "We also think that this is unfair
against the people so that the former constitutional officials use the state limousine
or security of your party election campaign, or of
moving the furniture of his favorite people – said spokesman Oleno Matush

Political analyst Jan Barrenek agrees with Kresák. "What
suggests logic. There is no discrimination here because
the president may choose to take advantage of these benefits or go
politics. It would be quite complicated and would be hurt. Also logistics
security will be quite challenging. An active politician is much more active
an honorary president program. I support such an effort to solve the problem
the unprecedented situation that arises here, "added Barrenek
He pointed out that the possibility of. T
a dignified office of a former president and possibly an assistant.

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