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Linux as a gaming operating system? Valve has several suggestions

The company proposes changes to the operating system kernel.

Valve, as the operator of Steam, is also involved in the development of gaming platforms. For a long time, it has been trying to make Linux the base of games in addition to Windows. In practice, such a move could make it easier to stream to other devices.

The problem, however, is that this idea has not yet been fulfilled. Linux games have evolved quite sporadically, and running games on the Windows platform is very complicated. But Valve is not giving up and wants to push for changes to the Linux kernel itself.

Open platform games

So far, Gabea Newella has been trying to work with what they had to do, and they have developed their own Linux-based SteamOS operating system. It also contributes to the optimization of the Wine solution, which allows Windows applications to run on Linux.

Based on Wine, Valve also created its own Proton platform that aims to enable Windows games to run on Linux with much greater efficiency. But they are still not able to make full use of the hardware. To do this, you need to modify the Linux kernel.

Because Linux is an open system, Valve can make all the necessary adjustments on its own. Instead, the company seeks to ensure that these changes are included in the core used. Proton can work in various distributions and extensions.

Let's add that the changes required are not dramatic and are about expanding functionality and adding new technologies used in games. Therefore, it is quite possible that their suggestions will be heard by the Linux Foundation.

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