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Lotus Evija: Electric vehicle with 1,972 horsepower

Thanks to productivity, the manufacturer promises a fairly solid range of 400 km.

Lotus presents its electric car Evija, which has to be ranked among the best. The manufacturer talks about the vehicle as the "world's most mass-produced car". There will be something about it because the power of the electric car is announced at 1,972 hp. (horsepower of the crankshaft).

This is more than 1,888 hp. for non-existent Pininfarina Battista or any other electric car. Lotus Evija accelerates to 100 km / h in less than three seconds and reaches 300 km / h in just nine seconds. The maximum speed is somewhere over 320 km / h.

The structure consists mainly of carbon and the vehicle weighs 1680 kg.

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The structure consists mainly of carbon and the vehicle weighs 1680 kg.

Source: Autocar

The power is provided by a 70 kWh rechargeable battery, which can be a powerful 350 kW power charger for 18 minutes. The manufacturer declares a range of about 400 km (according to the WLTP indicators). The charging connector is in the rear of the vehicle. The car has a four-wheel drive.

The body of the electric car is basically made of carbon fiber to reduce its weight. Carbon can be seen in the cabin of the car. Lotus Evija weighs 1680 kg.

The Lotus Evija will be the first car model after being accepted by the Chinese company Geely. But the electric car must be produced in the UK in Hethel.

As for the physical proportions, the car will be 4.59 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.12 meters tall. There is already a final project in the pictures, which will also produce Evia.

As the parameters and sports design already suggest, the vehicle will not be for the masses. This is emphasized not only by the price but also by a limited number of pieces. In fact, only 130 will be produced from the car, with a price of two million pounds (2.22 million euros). Production should begin next year.

(1 EUR = 0,90260 GBP)

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