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MEPs have not agreed whether Fico qualifies as a constitutional judge

MEPs interview candidates for the post of Judges at the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic on the third day. The decision whether SR-SD chairman Robert Fico fulfills the legal conditions as a candidate for a constitutional judge but has not fallen.

Most importantly:

– The Commission did not approve a resolution according to which Robert Fico fulfills the terms of a constitutional judge

– However, the committee did not approve a resolution that Fico did not meet these conditions

– We also watched carefully the previous candidates on Wednesday and Thursday,

– Today, Radoslav Prohazka, former network leader and former coalition partner Smer, Bridge and CIS, is also present.

The best of the three-day hearing of candidates for the Constitutional Court: Procházka, the bomb in Jano Drgonco's car, Fico, abortion or membership in the Communist Party. Download our podcast:

We watched the ONLINE discussion

00:20 – The committee's deliberations are over. Thanks. Online transfer is over.

00:03 – The Commission did not even agree with a resolution that Fico did not meet these conditions as a candidate for a constitutional judge.

MEPs have not adopted a resolution according to which Robert Fico qualifies as a constitutional judge. They will now vote on the motion for a resolution on whether Fico does not meet these conditions.

23:59 – The members of the Parliamentary Constitutional and Legal Commission did not approve a decision according to which all candidates fulfill the terms of a constitutional judge.

23:55 – Members end the debate, now they will vote on the fact that all candidates are eligible. If they do not approve this proposal, they will vote separately for each candidate.

23:44 – The committee chairperson Madame protects her party chief by not being able to prove with a number of candidates whether they meet the conditions of the constitutional judge specified in the law.

23:30 – First, the members of the committee will vote on the proposal that all candidates meet the conditions.

23:27 – With almost half an hour of delay, members of the coalition emerged in the negotiations.

23:20 – The members of the coalition left the room again. Initially, Commission President Robert Madeay announced the holiday only until 23:00.

23:15 – The committee's deliberations can finally be resumed after most members of the coalition troika also sat down in their seats. Still, however, there is no Tibor Bernayak from the CIS.

23:09 – At these times, MEPs must return to their seats and continue the negotiations. But so far it has not happened. All members of the ruling coalition are still missing in the hall.

22:40 – The Constitutional Commission has the opportunity to alert the parliamentary plenary to candidates who do not meet the legal requirements of a constitutional judge. Before the members of the commission do so, there is an interruption.

Opposition lawmakers have warned that they are unable to highlight these elements, for example, by Smeru-SD chairman Robert Fico. That is why Miroslav Bablavi wants to vote separately on this candidate.

22:34 – MEPs listen to all candidates for constitutional judges. Now they will continue the debate on this issue.

22:24 – Vernarsky says he will support the so-called Nar. Registered partnerships, he says, do not even contradict the current text of the Slovak constitution. In the case of children's adaptation, these couples will first want a professional opinion, which would mean this for the child.

21:57 – Vernarsky also works in the field of art. He dealt with organ music at Dome Sv. Elizabeth. He claims that obedience is an essential element of his character. No obedience and humility will happen even if he becomes a constitutional judge.

At the same time, he said he was more of a conservative character but did not want to disqualify him among the candidates.

21:50 – Vernarski has experience with the Constitutional Court, where he has been an external consultant since 2007.

21:43 – Vernarski Martin is the last to be elected as constitutional judges to the deputies. He graduated UPJŠ in Kosice. He teaches a number of subjects at the university.

21:20 – Registered partnerships of the same sex do not want Truban to react directly. But he claims to be quite conservative.

21:07 – Truban criticizes the media for commenting on court decisions. He confirmed that we are still sitting at the European Court of Human Rights with the Diary. He also admitted that he was a member of the Communist Party.

20:50 – The last candidate for a constitutional judge to sit before MPs is Michal Trumban. For example, he has experience from the Special Court of the Slovak Republic where he works as a chairman of one of his senate and acts as a teacher at the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic.

20:33 – In so-called "registered partnerships of the same sex, it is not appropriate to resolve outside the country, while Slovakia is not ready to adopt children of such couples.

20:30 – As far as abuses are concerned, Tomasovic claims that consensus in Europe should be made within 12 weeks. He does not want this term to be extended. In the case of euthanasia, a gray area in which every European country can move.

"It's not unambiguous for me," he admitted, perhaps that he might have been a bit more euthanasia than he was.

20:15 – "Diversity is not a threat but an asset to society," Tomasovic said of his views on topics such as migration.

20:03 – Mrs. Schvezova will be the deputy of the Constitutional Commission for an interview with Marek Tomasovic. At present he acts as a prosecutor at the Prosecutor General's Office in the Slovak Republic. In the past, he has also worked as an attorney with experience in criminal or executive law. He sees a wide angle as an advantage.

19:44 – Member of SaS Ondrej Dostal Daniela Schvezova also asks for relations with Harbin. He is interested in the perception of the Supreme Court at the time Harbin was at the head.

Still, Svecová does not want to respond in more detail to the reasons that a number of cases are still being investigated at his request.

19:31Independent MP Miroslav Bablavi asks Shvedova for Stefan Harabin. She recalls that the current boss has only begun to work with Harbin when he came to the forefront of the Supreme Court.

"I filed several disciplinary proposals against several judges. Not just against this judge you named. It is logical that I did so only when I became chairman of the Supreme Court. I used the authority the law gives me, "she said.

19:20 – The representative of the presidential post asks her if she is under pressure, with an effort to influence her work.

"I can say that I did not turn to people who would ask for something, I live in my life according to the ethical rules, I have a clean register in this respect," Švecová said.

19:15 – "I respect the Christian values ​​and, according to my abilities, I protect, health, freedom, marriage, family, and these values ​​are also mentioned in our constitution when it is said to be based on the Cyrillo-Methodological Heritage," said the current Chief of the Supreme Court .

19:11 – Svekova says he respects the confidence of those who nominated her as a candidate for a constitutional judge.

19:07 – Deputy Lukáš z OĽaNO is interested in what Štiavnický says about the elimination of Mečiar's amnesty. He did not mind. "I agree with the abolition in the sense, as explained in the text that the Constitutional Court has issued on amnesty," Štiavenecki said. That closed his speech.

He was replaced by the President of the Supreme Court, Daniela Švezova, to the presidency before the deputies.

18:34 – After Schorl came the adviser to the Constitutional Judge Lajos Mesarosh Jan Štianovnik. As a candidate for a constitutional judge he was proposed by Ombudsman Maria Patakyova and the Faculty of Law at the University of Trnava. In, which we made in cooperation with 15 qualifiers, Štiavnický ranked in the top ten.

18:17 – Another member of the constitutional commission, Miroslav Beblavi, added: "After studying, I must say that the material presented does not prove any additional legal practice, Robert Fico does not fulfill the condition and can not be elected as a constitutional judge even if there is a parliamentary majority wanted to send. "

18:09 – The materials supplied by Ficom Dostal are also posted on the Facebook Social Network. "Ledabolo's printed articles are quickly downloaded from the Internet, and he does not prove that he is in the legal profession, unbelievable." This man jokes us, Dostal writes.

Paper copies of articles, such as "the article goes on a video ad", and the statement that Fico as an alternate from 2002 to 2004 is free for the parents of the awarded Branislav Schlem, must prove that Fico has a good practice.

17:41 – Meanwhile, the deputy chairman of the District Court in Prievidza, Robert Schorl, was present.

17:35 – During the interrogation, Robert Fico handed over the material to the Commission to confirm that he had completed the minimum 15 years of experience.

SaS member Ondrej Dostal has doubts that Fico will meet this criterion. He indicated he was missing another 15 months. Also did not save the criticism of the last Fic process. "State Secretary Jankovska, the day Mr Beblavý expressed doubts about the length of his practice, sent a confirmation that she had completed her maternity leave except when she was a judge," Dostal said.

When he wanted to continue his speech, committee chairman Róbert Madej turned off his microphone and said he only received the consultation papers and that the discussion would take place later. The media have not seen the document yet.

16:39 – After 1.5 hours of scrutiny, MEPs agreed to take a break. Listening to six other candidates will continue at 17:15.

15:58 – "It is an expression of Slovakia's sovereignty that it freely decides to shift the exercise of rights. And the manifestation of sovereignty is also that when he decides he will withdraw, "Reykjavik replied to a question from Schlozar from the Slovak National Socialist Party that Slovakia did not lose its sovereignty by joining the EU.

15:17 – Sligeti was replaced by Supreme Court Judge Jan Šikuta. For many years he has been a judge of the European Court of Human Rights. Up to 11 of 15 experts who turned to believe that Shikuta will be a good constitutional judge. He finished in fourth place after John Drgon, Peter Kresak and Eva Kovachev.

15:10 – The election of candidates for constitutional judges also attracted some candidates for the presidential palace. In the middle of the show, Zuzana Chuputova came to the audience. Today comes Robert Mistrik. After a while, however, he left the hall where he interviewed the candidates.

14:54 – I'm not a member of any political party, "says Sigita. In his youth he proposed membership in the Communist Party, but did not join her.

14:38 – Straš po hodinu was replaced by the District Court President Galant Lubos Sigetti. There are only six candidates. Today, MEPs want to hear a total of 13 votes.

14:22 – The chairman of the Committee of Madame commended Straka indirectly.

13:59 – President Zhang's advisor asked if Straka had ever met corruption and if anyone wanted to pay him? The judge said that in 2015 he called on Minister Thomas Boreka to resign. "I gave my colleagues a higher salary in one case than the judge's salary, he can pay better," Straka said.

13:49 – Stark did not expect his statement and finished the discovery in 10 minutes.

13:37 – After a two-hour interview at Sopolyg, Straka began her speech, seeking to present herself in a shorter time.

13:33 – Sopoliga said that although he was a member of the Communist Party, he did not commit any crime. "The fact that I was a party member – and did not commit crimes, does not mean that I am unable to protect citizens in a democratic state," he told MPs.

After two hours he finished his performance. Before the commission came the judge of the District Court in Presov Petar Straka.

13:26 – Alojza Baranica of SAS is interested in what Sopoliga accepts as legitimate as a judge because she is a member of the Communist Party that is "disgusting to us." Sopoliga said the KSU transformed us into SDL and its MPs were also elected to parliament.

13:16 – Sopoliga admitted that under the former regime he was a member of the Communist Party and is still behind the idea of ​​a welfare state. "I do not blame myself and I will not regret it," the judge said.

The answer to the question of Ondrej Dostal from SaS as he sees Harabin's action in Slovak justice has escaped. "I find it inappropriate to say how I perceive it because it is now part of a political struggle," the judge said, and instead recommended Dostal to Dimensi, where he could read his attitude towards Harabin.

12:52 – "I do not think I will be defensive, rather offensive," Sopolig said.

Beblavý also asked for low trust in the judiciary. Sopoliga replied that this data was based on studies he considered biased. He pointed out a study of Via Iuris earlier, in which more than 30% of the respondents trusted the court. But up to 85% of respondents say they have no direct contact with Slovak justice. Consequently, Sopoliga suggests conducting surveys among people who know the judiciary and the inside, such as attorneys.

12:39 – The length and tone of Sopolig's speech is attributed to Deputy Miroslav Bablavi. "Why did you feel the need for such a long and defensive speech?" Asked the deputy.

12:30 – Juraj Sopoliga presents his presentation for about an hour. Most of his past performance did not allow him to imagine himself as a candidate, but to claim that Harbin is not a man.

11:45 – In the opening speech, Sopoliga has distanced itself from co-operation with Harbin. He defends himself by cooperating with the entire Judicial Council, then Harbin's chairman. "It was not about working with a man, but about the whole body," he said. Resolutions, he said, were passed by the vote of all members of the Judicial Council, where the opinion was unified.

11:38 – Constitutional commission chairman Robert Maddy warned journalists not to take personal details to MPs. The photo of the monitor, Deputy Jan Marosh, appeared on Zomri's satiric site on the Facebook social network. The monitor just opened this page. Made pointed out that this is a violation of the directive of the Office of the National Council. Before entering the public hearing, journalists signed a statement warning them not to listen to the personal material of the candidates but also the interrogating lawmakers.

11:33 – Sluka was replaced by Juraj Sopoliga, president of the Association of Judges in Slovakia. The past is also known as very close associate Stefan Harabin. The nomination was proposed by Chief Prosecutor Jaromir Chiarar. No suggestions made yet by the chef.

11:29 – "Competition, nothing more, nothing less," replied Skull to the question of why in 2014 he proposed to Stephen Harabin a chairman of the Supreme Court.

Harbin has refused. "I noticed that in the Luxembourg courts and their judges, they are based on the fact that they do not publicly assess the behavior and behavior of a colleague. They leave it at the discretion of those who belong to it. And in certain bodies I oppose these views, "said Slyk.

11:22 – Sluk says he has never been and does not even plan to join a political party or movement. "As a young man at the age of 18, I watched the organization out of the previous regime and then said I wanted to stay free,"

10:43 – Prior to Prohazka MPs, the Supreme Court judge Marianne Slough sat down. From 2017 he travels to the Constitutional Court and advises his chairman, Milan Lalik.

10:38 – For his support in the candidacy Procházka has not spoken to any former coalition partner in his own words.

See how MPs interviewed the candidate of the Constitutional Court Radoslav Prohazka:

10:23 – "I spoke very clearly and comprehensively about my work in the political environment," Prohazka Marosa said. On the invitation to tell more about his connection to the truth, Prohazka said: "This is a key and fundamental value to me." As a politician, they often went through politics as a politician, losing their misfortunes, which often served to mourn the public.

10:17 – Jan Marosh, a Member of Parliament, asks how he assesses the situation after the 2016 elections and whether he feels responsible for the state of the Slovak society. As Procházka was designed by Marek Ma (arič (former Smer), Marosza also wonders in what relationship or relationship are Procházka s političkami today.

A question by Aldja Barranic of SAC was given to the body: "Is there anything in your personality that makes you a unworthy function of the constitutional judge that you can be disappointed as if you were in political life under the influence of people who need it from your favor? "

10:10 – My departure from Parliament was a demonstration of an endless textbook. Веднъж евродепутатът Беблави каза, че трябва да пия чаша горещина на дъното, но днес ще направя робот, за който вярвам, че ще се справя добре – казва Прохаска.

10:08 – Канцеларията на президента се интересуваше от това, което Procházka счита за най-големия си успех или провал. Най-големият успех на Procházka беше правна помощ на конкретни трима души, които иначе не бяха готови да помогнат. Той не искаше да говори за грешните си решения. "Грешките и неуспехите принадлежат на нашата собствена онтогенеза, важно е да се изправиш по-далеч", каза той.

9:55 – Бившият шеф на мрежата се завръща отново в политическата си кариера. – От мен зависи, виждам този раздел като част от живота. Една врата се затвори, а другата се отвори и ме обогати с опит, без който не бих се подготвил за позицията на конституционен съдия. Той не представлява пълна забрана за работа в областта, където мога да бъда полезна, казва той.

9:52 – Procházka казва, че в предишната си кариера той винаги е казвал това, което мисли, без значение кой е на власт. "Не адаптирам мнението си към моментното настроение", добави той.

9:48 – Разходката в откриващата реч заяви, че работата на адвоката винаги е била нещо повече от работа само за политици. "Знам, че позицията ми не е ръководство на политическата партия, плати много висока цена, но съм толкова балансирана," каза той. Радва се, че накрая се върна на пътя, към който принадлежи, макар че, добави той, го направи по-бързо, отколкото вероятно е искал.

9:42 – Радослав Прохазка излезе пред депутатите. В класацията, която представляваше адвокати за новини, Procházka бе класирана в първата десетка:

9:33 – Като се има предвид, че Pitoňák е номиниран от Mosta, законодателят на OLAF, Ján Marosz, е поискал присъединяване към партията. "Аз не съм член на никоя политическа партия, никога не съм била, а политиката не ми харесва", отговори кандидатът.

Ондрей Достал от SaS отхвърли, че издателската дейност е много обща, Pitoňáková отговори като външен съветник, който направи редица решения, които могат да бъдат намерени в събирането на констатации, но те не са подписани от нейното име, тъй като тя е само външен съветник.

9:20 – Според Pitoňáková, регистрираните партньорства не са въпрос на загриженост и те не виждат голям интерес към компанията.

09:09 – Първият член ще бъде представляван от адвокат Zuzana Pitokováková, който действа и като външен съветник на Конституционния съд. Номинираният е номиниран за кандидатурата на Most-Híd Eduard Adamcik. След Питохак идва Радослав Прохазка.

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