Sunday , June 20 2021

Microsoft recommends that you do not continue to use Internet Explorer. Attends newer internet browsers

Among the common "mortal" is a lot of jokes about the Internet browser Internet ExplorerOne of the most common is that it only serves to make the user download a "real" internet browser. In practice, it still works.

Microsoft advises against using Internet Explorer anymore

The big break in the popularity of the internet browser happened a few years ago Microsoft introduced a new and more modern Microsoft Edge browser along with Windows 10. Since then, the company has begun to promote a massively new browser, but success has not come. On the other hand Internet Explorer's popularity has started to fall sharply. It is currently used by around 8% of users. Most of them are corporate clients. And for them, the main purpose is to advise them to talk to another more modern web browser.

"… We do not support new web standards, but most sites still work well, but in fact, developers are no longer testing Internet Explorer, they are testing modern Internet browsers, so if we continued our previous approach, you would not optimize this , which you have and will not be able to use new apps.As new apps appear at a higher frequency, we want to help you by avoiding leaving much of the site in the process.

With this step, Microsoft clearly states this Internet Explorer Internet Explorer is the last one and many developers no longer see it as essential and focuses on other Internet browsers that are more dominant.

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