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Mihalovcham will help his former teammate Messi, Piqueho and other megaview Barcelona

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Zimna sent Slovenian football club MFK Zemplín Michalovce José David Casado García to help the "eastern" in the fight for the first sixth in the spring of the Fortuna League 2018/2019.

Jose Kassado in Mikhalov's pants

Jose Kassado in Mikhalov's pants


The experienced 31-year-old Spaniard came to the team of coach Anton Soltis from the competing FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble. Although he began his winter training in western Slovakia, he was forced to move to a more competitive team. He was also interested in his services.

"Michalovska's offer was difficult to deny, and she also made the impression that the team had a great chance to move to the top 6 and is still in the Slovak Cup, and the goal of each player is to play the highest positions and I I'm no exception. The situation in Mihalovce is now better than that in Zlate Moravce and I like the style of the game they are playing, "Casado said on the club's official site.

Mihalovce is the fourth native of Almeria. In recent years, he has also dressed with the jeans of Gabchik and Spartaka Trnava. "Fortuna" is approaching me, its level is growing every year and I am very pleased that I can work in it, I have nice memories in Trnava where it was great. I believe I will achieve some success in Mihalovce. We want to play the title and go to the cup final, "Kassado continued.

The experienced midfielder also tried to work in Hungary (Kazinbarska), Romania (FC Botosani), Czech Republic (FK Příbram) and Germany (FC Espaňol Karlsruhe). He can congratulate himself by playing football at La Massa Youth Academy, which belongs to Barcelona FC. There he managed to meet the big stars of modern football.

"In Barcelona, ​​this is the best football school that a footballer can enter in. At La Massa we were like a big family, we all went to school, lunch, training, 15-year-old boys, if you want to insist you have to work continually . "The overall organization and training of La Massa was at the highest level" Kassado remembers in the teen years.

In the capital, Catalonia Mihalovits plays with Lionel Messi, Pedro Rodriguez, Gerard Pique, Cesco Fabregas and Sergio Buscakes. "They were great players at the time and they were all moving forward." Fabregas went to Arsenal in London, Pique in Manchester United, and Messi went upstairs every year, always playing with older boys, his talent was unforgettable, though he did not talk much. but he's tired, he's gone for the family and I do not even comment on his football site, he's just a player, "he said. Casado said Argentina starred.



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