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Newcastle United – FC Burnley

That's all about this struggle. Thank you for your attention and I wish you a pleasant evening rest.

Ball Hold: 54%: 46%.
Shot to the door: 3: 2.
Shots: 8: 6.
Angles: 4: 7.
Offside: 0: 2.
Fals: 8: 8.

Newcastle in the second half with a preliminary preview of the lead in the first half and without much trouble led this game to the winning end. The guests had only one bigger chance in the second half at the end of the regular season, but Vydra did not score. Otherwise, Burnley was almost toothless on the front, and the protection of Newcastle did not take heavy times. The Slovak fan can enjoy the fact that Martin Dabravka has taken note of. After this victory Newcastle outpaced Burnley on the table to 11th, Burnley lost his first match in 2019 and was in 13th place.

90 + 7

Tarkowski mired in a duel in Joe's middle ring. The hosts are a little tired of the game and it looks like this.

90 + 6

Another penetration of Taylor on the left left Manquillo and transferred the game to the opposite side of Richie. The city center was missing the gate of Heaton.

90 + 5

Another strike in the Newcastle Penalty Field began against Richie and Rondon held the ball in the attacking half. The home team gets valuable seconds and already has an important victory.

90 + 4

Guests are terraced in front of the sixteen houses. Taylor's penetration stopped the ball by sliding into the corner of Mankillo.

90 + 3

Vydra's right side was trying to end, but the ball blocked home protection, and Crouch's experience was similar.

90 + 2

Diame has a bloody head and returns to the game. Burnley starts the attack again from his own gate.


The improved time is five minutes, but Diamie's ongoing treatment is clear, but that extra time is still added.


Variable Diamé is treated and is not yet in the air.


Burnley fails to attack the attack, and their attacks are getting stronger and more desperate. In addition, Crouch is accused of defeat against Diamond for a header.


Scharr's yellow card under the lead line gets Peter Crouch (Burnley).


Newcastle United deputy: Aesse Perez leaves Yosel.


Crouch managed to extend their lead to 4 – 0 when the home was struck from the right with a real cannonball.


There was a big blow at the corner of the entrance to Newcastle. First he was crowned Crouch, then tried to get to Vydra, but Dúbravka stopped the ball on the ground and then kicked her home.


Lejeune was just a finger! And Dúbravko got himself booked for a foul. Then Taylor's center turned to Burnley Shar.


Newcastle United deputy: Shaun Longstaff leaves Mohamed Diamond.


The good presidency of Ronon forced the guests to relax again at Heaton, who pushed the ball just to start the home defense. After a small dirty home he had to kick the ball in Dubravka on the other side.


FC Burnley Rep: Chris Wood leaves Matthew Tipra.


Another center on the right hand took Dzhabukka. Slovák captured well today and divides him from his net in about 10 minutes.


The corner kick deviated from the visitors' protection and in the same way followed the next center of the alternating Dume. The visitors will counterattack.


Replacement in Newcastle United: Miguel Almiron has retired, Paul Dummete is coming out.


But when they took the ball, they entered a lightning rod that ended Almirón with a perpendicular passage to protect Rondon. Before kicking the ball in the corner, protect Mee.


He was attacked by attacking foul Crouch. The home crowd does not stay in one place.


Guests significantly increased their offensive activity. 37 minutes into the game, Schär had a good opportunity to attack in the middle corner, but the shot went just wide.


Arrow: 11: 7
Shot on the door: 3: 1


Taylor was good at firing the ball to sixteen Newcastle and centered. Shar hit Brady's ball, but he headed high above the door of Dubravka.


Burnley twice shot the ball in the former three Crouch – Barnes – Wood, but the second nominated, but shot in front of the Newcastle penal field.


Ball Hold: 59%: 41%


Variable Crouch immediately won the ball in Wood's race, but he was way out of the way. Burnley is now on the lawn of three high-attackers, so it can be expected center and kicks of defenders and midfielder on top.


FC Burnley Replacement: Ashley Barnes leaves Peter Crouch.


Richie on the left side focused on Rondon's will. The flow blocked Me to Almiron, who then fired at the first end of Heaton's gate.


For a moment the ball arrived, but again under the pressure of strong pressure, Tarkovsky's inaccurate pass took the ball home.


The home side's opponents can see that the home side is attacking via the home side.


And after an inaccurate pass to Miy's home, they also get the ball straight. After the hit of Almiran, Heaton kicked the ball straight into the car.


Burnley kept the ball and put it in his own half, but his hosts did not let them aggressive.


Shar tried another shot from an average distance, but this time the shot did not reach its goal and ended with triumph behind Burnley's gate.


Hosts in the second half control the game and guests leave at least six of them. The guests are in the second half of the attack mainly without teeth.


The Burnley Prize began, but again an inaccurate passage appeared in the middle of the field, where Mankillo stopped. So guests have to undergo a gradual attack.


Lascelles scored as the last defender to attack Barnes, but he was the first captain of the home to defeat the ball, but Dúbravka kicked him halfway to Burnley.


Longstaff's yellow card is Jeffrey Hendrick (FC Burnley).


After a short pause in the match for the hosts was marked a very inaccurate center. Today's game is overloaded with very inaccurate flaws.


Heaton shot a foul from the centerline again, but again focused directly on Dúbravka's opponent's gauntlet. But with good performance, the guests received the ball back.


The hosts delivered the round crap very quickly to their home, but after the fake Schär in the header the ball loses.


Longstaff on the other side looked at the first missed Rondon, but the ball was close and could not handle it.


Brady focused on Tarkovsky's head but sent the ball over the door of the Dubravka.


Taylor's Excellent goal was flat for the corner kick, but Manquillo's shot rattled off the post.


The home crowd burst into cheers when 75th minute, Peres found a great passport for Almiran's defense, who kicked the ball with a knee. But there was a lucrative hold, the thighs were thrown to the right, but defender Burnley Heaton could not get a cross in the danger zone and it was a foul.


On the opposite side just before Udom hit the ball to Lascelles and the attacker's guests could not hit the ball. She ends up in Dubravka.


The host team held the ball under their control, but then Manquillo sent Richie a tricky stroke and Tarkowski sent a small home to goalkeeper Heaton.


The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after Dúbravka's shot from the right, but Dębravka managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction stop. He immediately kicked her in the trench.


The corner shot did not cause any danger, but the home was half the attack in the sixteenth Burnley. When Longstaff came into play, Longstaff did not shoot directly, but the center on the right.


Newcastles' first attack in the second half ended with Richie's center, who pushed the defenders off My corner.


FC Burnley Replacement: Dwight McNeil leaves Robbie Brady.


The second half started.

The second half will start around 22:03.

The first half did not have very good football moments and goals, but the team was more efficient and managed to score two goals. Both teams face the opponent's door only with great difficulty, especially after centuries, in the case of guests and after standard situations. Otherwise, we saw the fight for the middle of the field. We hope to see better football in the second half.

45 + 2

The first half is over.

45 + 2

Rondon went well into the center of Mankilla on the right, but he sent the ball out of Heaton's gate.

45 + 1

The impressive time starts for a free kick aimed at the counter-attacking area but the home side's keeper is cheerful.


He'll play two more minutes.


Gudmundson scored very well from a direct shot and after two chances the ball was right in front of the free Tarkovsky's door. He put the ball in a great position to shoot high above the door of Dubravka.


Ayoze Pérez struck his way through the middle and the keeper managed to shrug them off and fired a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead. The guests, after Hayden's pollution, received a direct hit.


Ball Hold: 61%: 39%


The home team is back in the attacking half and is again trying to reach Burnley's penalty area.


Heaton was very good against Almiron's perpendicular pass and even when the ball fell to the edge of the hexagon, he could kick him up on the opposite side of Dúbravka.


Gudmundson did a good job after the defensive center on the right side, but in a good position fell into the match with Richie and the ball sent high above the gate of Dabravka.


Yellow card is redundant in the game of Ben Mee (Burnley FC).


Newcastle United scored a goal!

The home team increased their lead! Richie focused on the left side where the ball moved directly to the free SEANA LONGSTAFFA behind Burnley My. The home side's corner kick was right in the top corner of the goal and it was blocked by the keeper. 2-0 to Newcastle!


The next players went for a goal but the whole team lost their lead to Gudmund Hendrick. The home crowd does not stay in one place.


Another shot at Rondon, this time from Schär, was again inaccurate and ended with Heaton's goalie.


Ayoze Pérez hit Cork but the visitors were very bad and the ball immediately returned home.


Taylor's Donald Taylor tried to break through in the middle repeatedly, but could not get past the visitors' corner.


The victory of Burnley, but the attackers are very high and do not give them space to penetrate the attacking half.


Did the hosts get the fuck? Rondon won a header from the visitors' team, but the ball did not play for his teammates and ended with Burnley Heaton's goalie.


Shots: 4: 2
Shot on the wings: 1: 1


The home was trying to unite in sixteen guests, but they pushed them back to Dubrava, where they had to start a new attack.


The visitors got a ball on the right side. Gudmundson's centers, but this time it was not at all dangerous, Dabbaba caught him without difficulty.


Gudmundson focused on the back pole, where the ball bounced off Wood's volleyball shot. This experience of Durbavka began with a reflexive intervention.


Schär was the main character and the last moment on the other side when he blocked the center on the right side to the corner of the guests.


Newcastle United scored a goal!

A great goal for the Swiss defender! FABIAN SCHÄR fired at the sixth, and the shot, still bouncing off the left side of the Heaton gate, swept all the nets in the upper left corner of Gate Burnley. 1-0 to Newcastle!


Half of the first half is behind us. We have not seen the target or the dangerous shooting attempt.


The first yellow card for the defeat of Cork in the middle of the field gets Sean Longstaff (Newcastle United).


The head of Rondon's home was still unsuccessful, May's center was captured.


The shot of Chiton in the middle of the line caught Dybravka, who took the Richie capture center. Luckily, both goalkeeper and defender of Newcastle are good.


However, Burnley's inaccuracy returns to the ball again. They no longer move forward with penetration.


Taylor scored the ball in the attacking half, but there was no room for continued penetration, and the guests had to go through gradually.


Ball Hold: 69%: 31%


So far she has not played at any intense speed. Both teams pay attention to the defense and it is obvious that a very important battle is in the fight for rescue.


Manquillo won from Newcastle corner but a slow shot revealed he was kicked by a corner kick. The Corner from the corner defeated goalkeeper Heaton and after repeatedly resting Leaning over the guests door.


Burnley continued to score a goal in the attack, but then the guests did not understand the right side and the ball was over in the car.


The guests received a corner kick. He pulled the center of the rear pole, but after a few reflexes he kicked the ball into Richie's safety.


The hosts snapped the corner and the center of Schär, who transferred the shoulder to one of Burnley's players. But the shot could be cleared by Burnley Heaton.


The home crowd was given a lead. Manquillo broke through on the right, upping the right for Schärvi to block the score.


After a short combination in the middle of the field, he shot from the center distance of Almiron, but the gate of Chiton was quite missed.


Newcastle after a brief attempt to host the attack again on the attacking half. After an inexperienced transfer from Richie to Manchila, the hosts lost their lead.


Another attacking center was again left, Almiron, but this shot was unmarked. The hosts were more active than the hosts.


Richie, who sent dangerous bulls to Burnley on the left side of the road, missed the ball at the ideal height, but could not hit anyone, so she just flew to the other side.


The hosts kicked the ball of Dubravka, creating another consistent home attack.


Burnley also did not worry about the combination, and after a strike at Barnes, the guests lost the ball. Bardsley on the other side kicked the ball in front of the penetrating Almiron in the left wing.


Hayden wanted to speed up his home game with another shot at Rondon, but a little kick and sent the ball into the car.


Visitors did not score well and the ball returned home. Currently, their next combination is done on their own.


Home Newcastle with its combination stayed in the middle of the field in the middle of the line while Schära fired at Rondon. The home striker, however, has no chance of getting this shot and finishing with the goalkeeper of Burnley Heaton.


The guests were seated in the offensive and Bardsley focused to the right. For the first time in the event, the Slovak representative was Martin Dubravka, who seamlessly took over this center.


In the runoff game were hosts who immediately sent a strike to their attackers. Lascelles kicked the car.


The meeting just started.

Both teams are on board. Home Newcastle will play in a traditional black and white combination, the guests of the Borobudaelase.

Introductory Meetings:

Newcastle United: Dúbravka – Manquillo, Schär, Lascelles (C), Lejeune, Ritchie – Ayoze Pérez, Hayden, Longstaff, Almiron – Rondon.
Substitutes: Darlow – P. Dummet, Yedlin, Ki Song-jung, Diam, Atsu, Jocelyn.

FC Burnley: Chiton (C) – Bardsley, Tarkovsky, My, Taylor – Gudmundson, Cork, Hendrick, McNeil – Barnes, Wood.
Substitutes: Hart – Lawton, B. Gibson, S. Ward, Brady, Crouch, Otter.

Judge: Pauson – Husin, Smart.

Mutual matches

Today we will see the sixth match of this pair in the Premier League. The balance is still balanced – a match won by Newcastle, a Burnley and three draws. The first game of the season won Newcastle in Burnley 2: 1.

FC Burnley

Guests are a little better at the table than hosts. Burnley is in 14th place, two points in front of his current rival. Burnley has an excellent shape that pulls him out of the descent. The hosts did not play eight times in a row, with Old Trafford with Manchester United (2: 2) and even Tottenham (2: 1) in the last round. Their defense was a huge weakness, as they had the fourth highest number of goals won in the race (48). However, in the aforementioned eight games without loss, they only scored seven goals. Outside belongs to Burnley with 13 points winning 14 matches between the average of the race, but the last four games there but did not play.

Last 5 Games:
Watford – Burnley 0: 0
Manchester United – Burnley 2: 2
Burnley – Southampton 1: 1
Brighton – Burnley 1: 3
Burnley – Tottenham 2: 1

Newcastle United

Slovak goalkeeper Martin Dubravka's team is up to his ears watered in the fight for rescue. Previously, he is 15th with a 4-point lead on the 18th Southampton. The home team is relatively good because in the last five games they played only Wembley with Tottenham 0: 1 and beat Manchester City (2: 1). Newcastle's defense works quite reliably (the 5th lowest number of goals), but is worse than offensive performance. The less pierced goals from Newcastle are only hopelessly last Huddersfield. Home Newcastle does not suffer as it has lost to eight of 14 home games but has won the last three home games in a row and will want to stay home in this series.

Last 5 Games:
Newcastle – Cardiff 3-0
Newcastle – Manchester City 2-1
Tottenham – Newcastle 1-0
Wolverhampton – Newcastle 1-1
Newcastle – Huddersfield 2-0

Welcome to the online transfer of Newcastle United – Burnley, which will be played in the 28th round of the English Premier League. The meeting will begin at 21:00.

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