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ONLINE: Southampton – Liverpool FC



Within minutes, Southampton returned the ball to their teammates.


Liverpool received a corner kick, which the home footballers reached safety without serious problems.


Manet excels at Muhammad Salah's separate escape. He confronted Guna, finishing the ground with an ejected English goalkeeper.


James Milner was struggling on the turf and although it was not a sharp shot, the ball went right to Gunna's goal.


Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg shoots from distance. Virgil van Dyke turned down this cornerback attempt for Southampton.


Ryan Bertrand put in a good effort on the left, but the shot went wide.


Momo Salah sent a beautiful vertical line between two opponents in front of a small lime. Badnerek played the ball to Firmin in the last minute.


Angular defender of Salah's corner kick escaped without taking another pass from the Egyptian striker.


A corner kick was made against the wall, but Japanese pursuer Yoshida pointed it at the center of Salah.


Joël Matip made a nice rush in the 16 minute, but was eventually stopped by Oriol Romeu. Liverpool have a great direct shot position.


Sadie Manet came to the pass for his opponent. Yoshida guarded the situation and dropped the ball to Gun.


Andrew Robertson and James Ward-Prous had minor discrepancies between each other, the chief arbiter resolved the dispute very quickly.


There is no manager during the break, so both teams start in the squads where the match also started.


The second half started.

Southampton were a better team for most of the first half and performed very well with the favorites. In the end, however, he got a little more Sadio Manet and opened the score.

45 + 2

The first half was over.

45 + 2

Liverpool notes!

SADIO MANÉ SHOCK ST. Mary's Stadium. The hosts were the better team for most of the half, but now the Senegal striker has reached the end of the three players and technically sent the ball from the linden line to the goal.

45 + 1

It takes 1 minute.


Removing Sadio Manet in front of a small goal, Mohammed Salah misses the ball. It was kicked in time by Ryan Bertrand.


Oriol Romeu sent a great ball to Che Adams. The young man was out of the corner, so he had to center. This intention was fulfilled by Joel Matip.


Trent Alexander-Arnold made a good effort at breaking through on the right, but the home team's left defense cleared the ball to a corner. Jannik Vestergaard The Danish defender's foul was not a whistle.


Nathan Redmond and Ryan Bertrand came up with the left-wing combination, the center of the latter came offside.


That Adams centers in front of the sixteen on the opponent, striking that attempt directly at midfielder Adrian James Milner.


Nathan Redmond did not slip through the wing, but did put a lot of pressure on Matipa. He kicked the ball in the car for the Saints.


Liverpool combine in the middle of the pitch. It is difficult to get ahead because Southampton perfectly defends half of the pitch.


We are now seeing a small deaf pass with a lot of inaccuracies on both sides of the pitch.


Oriol Romeu (Southampton FC) is booked.


Ten minutes to the end of regular time in the first half. Will we see any precision blows before the break?


James Milner couldn't take the lead after a shot coming in from the right, Dannik Vestergaard, making the score 1 – 0 for Angus Gunn.


Mohammed Salah had a firing position, firing very inaccurately. The offensive trio of Liverpool are very well guarded.


Nathan Redmond almost took advantage of his opponent's open defense. He missed the last handle and could have had a chance, but a great slip was made by Andrew Robertson.


Crossed by Mohamed Salah from a corner kick to a white goal, Janik Westergaard takes the ball out of position. Angus Gunn stopped the passage back in front of van Dyke.


Andrew Robertson made a good pass from the left flank before Maném ripped a ball off Yan Valery. Another pass was sent, sent guarded by Angus Gun.


That Adams entered the opponent's penalty box where he fell. The punishment is not blown. Soon Ian Valerie shoots in front of him.


Joël Matip had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. Ryan Bertrand enters.


Liverpool cannot get on the offensive half, Southampton are showing a great call-up.


Ryan Bertrand and James Ward-Prouse wanted to surprise Liverpool's defense, both jumping the ball and then looking at what happened. The latter, meanwhile, quickly centers, his ball is high and inaccurate.


That Adams didn't go past Robert Firmin on the left flank, but he played it. The goal center will be able to use Ryan Bertrand.


Trent Alexander-Arnold sent an interesting cross between the defenders of the little linden tree. Roberto Firmino honed his running time perfectly.


James Ward-Prowse sent a long ball towards the back of the box and the ball went very well there.


Adrian played poorly again. Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg found the ball in front of a great lime. His passport was kicked back in another corner by James Milner.


A well-placed corner kick from Maja Jošida was followed by Maja Jošida's hard but accurate header. Adrian flashed on the line.


Joel Matip wanted to point the ball at Adrian. The two didn't understand it would be a corner kick for Southampton.


Ian Valerie threw the ball to the right, but Andrew Robertson managed to save it. Goalie Adrian will be able to play.


Jannik Vestergaard almost has a great chance. The corner kick was not very good, but the Danish stopper simply missed a low pass.


Mohamed Salah lost the ball and was taken over by Oriol Romeu. He manages to pass the ball to Nathan Redmond, who shoots it with his head past the goalkeeper.


James Milner was pinned down in the middle of the field but was hit in the face. He was addressed to him by James Ward-Prouse.


Only defender Bednarek found a long shot for Adriana, and he turned the ball into his head.


That Adams pressed another ball to sixteen, this time kicked by quarterback Joel Matip.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came in from the right, shooting hard to score. Trying to reach the far pole, he missed the target of Angus Gun.


Sadio Manet lost the ball in the middle of the pitch, trying to shoot James Ward-Prouse. Adrian had no problem with the procedure.


Andrew Robertson didn't have a chance to give his team the lead, but he threw it over the beam.


Liverpool keep the ball in the middle of the pitch. He wants to move forward on the left wing, but this is not going well right now.


That Adams made the pass, but the ball did not pass the chance. The end was not.


Adrian took the risk of getting a short kick and hitting an attacking opponent. It will be a kick out of the Spanish shrine.


After 29 minutes, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sent the corner kick right to Jannik Vestergaard who headed it sharply past the keeper.


Trent Alexander-Arnold made a good effort at breaking through on the right, but the ball went wide. Throw in Ryan Bertrand.


That Adams was in the first offside of this match so he could not continue after a long pass in defense of Liverpool.


While cautious on both sides, the ball moves mainly in the middle of the pitch.


The home side put themselves ahead 1 – 0 as Yan Valery finished off a strike from the right with a real cannonball of a shot.


The Southampton home starts in red and white T-shirts; Liverpool guests have a black combination.


The meeting has just begun.

Introductory Kits:

FC Southampton: Gan – Bednarek, Yoshida, Vestergaard – Valerie, Romeu, P.-E. Hoyberg (C), Ward-Prouse, Bertrand-Adams, Redmond.
Substitutes: Forster – Soares, Genepo, Armstrong, Danso, Ings, Obafemi.

FC Liverpool: Adrian-Alexander-Arnold, Mathip, W. van Dyke, Robertson-Vienaldum, Milner (C), Oxlade-Chamberlain-M. Salah, Firmino, Manet.
Substitutes: Lonergan – Fabinho, Joe Gomez, Henderson, Lalan, Shakiri, Origi ..

Southampton FC

The Saints failed to make it to Burnley in the first round and gave it a 0-3 lead. No points are expected against Liverpool, but the home game may be different. In the summer, Matt Target, Sam Gallagher, Jordy Clasie and Charlie Austin left the team. Kevin Danso (Augsburg), Danny Ings (Liverpool), Che Adams (Birmingham) and Musa Genepo (Liege) arrived.

Liverpool FC

The winner of the Champions League has a failed Community Shield and a successful European Super Cup. But both Alison and Adrian were injured, so it is possible that 35-year-old Andrew Lonergan should play against Southampton. Recently, Simon Minolet went to Bruges Club. Grabara, Karii and Bogdan were also ordered. Ings, Moreno, Camacho and Sturridge do not continue on Livepoole. Only Adrian and young Harvey Elliott came.

Welcome to the online show. The meeting will start at 16:00.

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