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Orange will give 5GB of free data over the weekend. How to get them?

The package is available mainly for festival visitors.

Orange will hand out a free data packet on Friday and Saturday. Although it is officially intended for visitors to the Grape Festival, it is likely to be available again to all Orange (non-roaming) subscribers.

To get the benefit, just send an SMS in the "GRAPES"To the number 317, You can send your message from August 9 to August 10, 2019.

Even the existing Pohoda and The Legit Blast packages worked for everyone who sent an SMS to activate. It was the same in previous years. However, it is possible that some customers do not receive them.

"The ability to activate the benefit outside the festival premises is conditioned by the network's technical setup capabilities," said Barbora Oberučová, who is responsible for communicating events in Orange, earlier for the possible activation of the off-festival package.

Operators will allow people to use 4G networks at multiple events.

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For how long and for what programs

  • Where do they apply? The data is valid in the Slovak Republic and the bonus package is used first, after which the standard paid data is spent. Activation is also appropriate when going to the EU. You will then have the standard data and be able to export it abroad.
  • How long do they pay? For example, if you activate the compensation in the middle of the invoicing month, you get 5 free gigabytes for a total of 1.5 months. Prima and FunFon cards are valid for 30 days after activation.
  • For what programs? Benefit works for Wow Apartments, Ideal Apartments, Flex and Max (also for students), Go, Go Europe. Prepaid Prima cards include the following handy versions: Handy Prima, Wow Prima, Prima Twin and Prima Go, Funfón: Férofka, Funfón Plus, FunFón Smart and Funfón Start.
  • Is speed somehow limited? Package data is not delayed. You can surf at speeds up to 300/75 Mbit / s.

Operators also offer summer data Telecom, 4ka and O2,

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