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PC Revue | AverMedia Live Streamer MIC 133 microphone for smartphones, SLR cameras and cameras

The audio channel is a key attribute of the video experience. Regarding the continuity of perception, it is more important than the image. I do not believe? Watch a video or a few minutes of a movie. You noticed how many times the picture was cropped in the video and you do not perceive it as a violation of continuity. The continuity of the video is mainly reflected in its sound component. Small interruptions, interruptions, or interruptions of the audio channel are enough, and the entire video, regardless of the image quality, will be very distracting

If you shoot or transmit videos with a smartphone and / or SLR camera or camera to achieve the highest quality of accompanying sound, the external microphone is required. AverMedia Live Streamer MIC 133 is a versatile solution for smartphones, SLR cameras and cameras. A windscreen is included, i. the windscreen so that the microphone is designed to shoot from the outside, even in windy weather.

The possibilities for using the microphone are shown in our video, which shows how to use a smartphone in a holder, how to mount a cardan microphone and also a photo with a reflex camera

The difference in sound quality compared to a built-in microphone on a smartphone, camera, or SLR camera is as good as it does not only when shooting outdoors where the darker winds but also eliminates the noise most lenses emulate in focus and zoom . The built-in microphone in the body of the device captures these sounds reliably. If you shoot from your hand, the operator's breathing often distracts too. Therefore, not only because of the device's own noise, but also in terms of sensitivity and directional characteristics, the external microphone is a better solution. When using a smartphone, you can use the external microphone only if the device has a universal 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones and a microphone.

The Live Streamer MIC 133 microphone is very light, weighing only 30 grams, which is important for longer manual shots, but also when using a weighted scale. A practical microphone and accessories are also included. It consists of a microphone holder, a solid metal stand, a windscreen and two cables. The cable for connecting to SLR cameras, cameras and cameras has a 3-pole 3.5mm jack on both sides. The connecting cable to your smartphone has a four-pole connector at one end – it plugged into your smartphone. On the other side, the cable is split. In addition to the plug that is plugged into the microphone, there is a headphone socket. Although you can not use it on your phone when you're shot with a smartphone, every conscientious operator checks the clip after filming and then estimates that you do not need to switch the microphone and headphones to the smartphone jack, but the headphones are permanently connected. This cable can also be used to connect to a computer, so you can talk to the microphone while listening to a communication partner in the headset.

Mounting flash and bayonet-compatible mounting allows you to mount the microphone on your SLR camera or camera, or use a suitable holder with your smartphone, whether for handheld or self-timer shooting. Regardless of how you capture the microphone, you can point it forward to capture the sound of a recorded scene or vice versa, as shown in the introduction to the video, and then you can comment on the recorded scene.

The metal stand allows you to place the microphone on the table. I also recommend using a windscreen when commenting on the internal video. He serves as a narr. Pop filter in the room. The filtering feature explains its name, preventing the sound of "pop" talking. The microphone does not need a battery and is compatible with all major Android devices, iOS, Windows, MacOS and of course all cameras and cameras equipped with a microphone. Sensitivity: -37 dB ± 3 dB at 1 kHz, (0 dB = 1 V / Pa); Frequency range: 20 Hz – 16 kHz; Maximum SPL: 110 dB, Connector: 3.5 mm jack.

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