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PHOTO: BMW 330e prichádza. XtraBoost = 292 horses short. Viac km on electricity


BMW 330e 2019

With the new BMW 330e sedan, the Beavers prove that the plug-in hybrid is ahead of the point. And the man can bypass the mess, pushing REALLY ecological.

The new BMW 330e Sedan features the rest of the BMW eDrive Technology powertrain, which uses a 4-cylinder petrol engine. XtraBoost's first-class standard integrated with the BMW badge model, prematurely upgrades plug-in hybrid storage to 215 kW (292 k), already shorter than 30 kW (41 k). Turns a nicer and more spontaneous engine response from intergenerational 50 percent higher electric power to the BMW 330e Sedan. Without terrain emissions from such terraces, the terrain can reach an elevation of 66 kilometers. The fuel consumption and emissions from the forerunners were estimated at about 10 percent at 1.9 – 1.6 l / 100 km and 43 – 37 g / km (estimated WLTP standard accretion to NEDC).

The electrifying fervor of a flamboyant fuel fueled the ay to seek the greatest joy of riding. The plug-in hybrid system is fitted with a 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 135 kW (184 k) BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology technology, which interacts with an 83 kW (113 k) electric motor. Systémový krútiaci torque reaches a maximum stroke of 420 Nm.

Premiere in the new BMW 330e Sedan: XtraBoost before maximum output

The groundbreaking champion of the new BMW 330e Sedan introduces the standard added XtraBoost system, which enhances the driving dynamics of the new brand. Activates with one level and one end, folding the ridge of the ridge of the ridges to the floor SPORT. In this case, a total output of 185 kW (252 k) will be delivered with dynamic support of up to 30 kW (40 k) of extra 30 kW (40 k) high-power batteries, up to 10 seconds, up to 10 seconds. The BMW X3 sedan has the same features as the one in the BMW 3 Series Sedan. For the first time, the hybrid BMW badge model has already reached the curve of power generation, which offers maximum sporting reaction and gender precision with a special 8-speed Steptronic automatic translation program complemented by the ability to speed up.

The optional XtraBoost system charges more intense grip protection if a conventional motor has a pointer window. For example, even at 20 km / h the guide flush with the flat pedal, the new BMW 330e Sedan looks closer to double intensities if driven by a powered engine. Within three seconds, such a dial should be porovnateľný with the driveway. The XtraBoost system can be consumed with a minimum of high charge capacity. It is available with a plunger pedal and at an instant, when the wolf is automatically translated into M / S position. As a result, the newer BMW 330e Sedan accelerates at 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. Maximálna rýchlosť can reach 230 km / h. The jazz buffer goes before the tent model of a specific soundstage, bringing the sound to the interior of the vehicle. The new BMW 330e Sedan combines a clearer sporty and dynamic fit with the proven plug-in hybrid model.

Clean electric power up to 140 km / h

In HYBRID mode, the new BMW 330e Sedan is powered purely by electric acceleration at 110 km / h, which is about 30 km / h higher if it completes the advance. In ELECTRIC mode, it can output up to 140 km / h without emission of local emissions. I expect this bolo maximally 120 km / h. At the same time the special pre-hybrid bridal fit of the BMW 330e is the ultimate sounding pre-chod character. In the case of electric shocks, a smoker starts outputting the BMW before a specific sound is emitted that warns the surroundings of the vehicle. Zároveň always lowers the acoustic comfort of the room.

Before walking the Priestor, it creates an electric motor for the new BMW 330e Sedan with an 8-speed automatic Steptronic translation. With a thought-provoking construction, the hybrid version overturns the translation before the conventional flush with a modely new BMW 3 Series Sedan longer than 15 millimeters. Pohonná singlet is a mimicry, it has the power to recover faster energy and the electric motor supplies a better function of the generator. Electricity added to the high-voltage battery by means of recoverable heat or power from the electrical system is used to power the 12-volt electrical installation of the vehicle. In this case, the generator does not need a powered saver motor, which increases overall efficiency.

High reach and high yields

The lithium-ion battery of the BMW 330e Sedan, with a total capacity of 12.0 kWh, reaches a distance of 59 – 66 kilometers *, which is about 50 percent higher than before. The second generation plug-in hybrid sports sedan with higher fuel consumption and emissions exceeds 15 percent. In addition, 1.9 – 1.6 l / 100 km * and 43 – 37 g CO2 / km * are used. With lower CO2 emissions and a longer power line, the new BMW 330e Sedan in Germany brings all the firefighting to a business trip. In this case, a bet will be given to the bet before the modest use is taken at half the price.

The taller battery in the BMW 330e Sedan is located under the rear seats, fueled above the rear. This symbol, already batožinový priestor plug-in hybridného model has remained so smooth. A 375 dm3 plunger piston with an upward extension of the coupled operadiel rear seat with a 40: 20: 40 ratio.

The hybrid plug-in version is now available on the podium with a complete set of accessories and listening features that were released before the new BMW Rad 3 Sedan. An alternative to the more expensive version of the BMW 330e is the Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport versions. Under the hood, with the exception of the champions, they can accommodate the adaptive M spindle return variable sporting riadenia and fast M sport system. From November 2019, the new BMW 330e Sedan will be available with electronic rechargeable earning power. The plug-in hybrid model then fills in with a maximum capacity of 750 kilograms.

Nezávislé accommodation and air conditioning with standard

The new BMW 330e Standard Sedan exudes automatic dia- grams and independent heat management in the interior before set-off. The high-voltage batteries in this case serve to maintain independent heating and air conditioning. At low temperatures, the interior heating system can be independent of the convex surface. And this is at low battery capacity.

In conjunction with the newer model, the BMW 330e Sedan is on the market with the introduction of new digital services. Upon request of the busier station, guides are available to navigate a system of guides to nearby hotels, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions and cultural institutions. You have guided the guide through the display and, with the help of the operating system, controls the availability of the nearest stations. The guide will then provide information with the expected availability of the station's most reliable station at the time of the meal. It is also an attractive time for you to book your station short.

The technology plug-in hybrid powertrain introduced in the new sports sedans will be available from 2020 before the new van version of the BMW 330e Touring. I would like to hear about the Touring van from the BMW badge, so the first time you could drive it was a plug-in hybrid. This new offering gives BMW badges a greater chance of expanding model offensive vehicles with electrified drive.

Getting Ready for the Future: BMW eDrive Zones Provides Riding Without Emission in Low Emission Zones

The new BMW 330e Sedan is prepared with a low emission zone that seats before the emission without emission. When entering such a zone with a vehicle with BMW eDrive Zones (the BMW eDrive Zone function will be standard with a plug-in hybrid plug-in driving a BMW badge from 2020 and with additional access to the required), it automatically switches to pure electrical mode. This is a well-worn optimum use for plug-in hybrid vehicles without a towel, but the guide mushroom is a urobiť. A vehicle such as this (required by the specific regulations) requires rovnaké podmienky if a purely electric vehicle. Each of these newcomers has a great potential for plug-in hybrid driving to reducing emissions. The increase in the electric reach helps to increase the demand and thus the enjoyment of the ride. It must be paid in advance of the urban gearbox, where the electric drive indicates if a more fuel-efficient or gasoline engine is more efficient.

The new BMW 330e Sedan has a lower overall CO2 leakage rate.

The real environment, in addition to the plug-in hybrid vehicles, has driven the best-in-class discussion priest into the landscape with the lowest green energy distribution possible in an affordable power line. The BMW Group has asked for a newer BMW 330e Sedan CO2 certification before its full lifecycle. From raw material demand, you add to your feed, consumption and enjoyment even after recycling.

This significant CO2 leakage rate for the new BMW 330e Sedan (with a lifetime boost of fuel-efficient CO2) is about 20 percent lower than the new BMW 330i. When charged with electrically generated energy from a renewal of health, the rate of CO2 is as high as 60 percent.

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