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Presidential elections 2019: Choose at the last minute

Many voters decided last week.

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Bratislava. Recent studies supporting presidential candidates before the upcoming elections may be released this Friday. A two-week moratorium began on Saturday.

However, the results of the latest research should not indicate how the elections will actually take place.

The bosses of the research agencies regularly repeat that many voters decide at the last minute. They will not be able to inform about their preference for the moratorium.

Focus and IF have planned to publish their latest measurements this week. However, after the resignation of Robert Mistrik in favor of Zuzana Chaputova, some agencies are planning, according to the information of SMEs, to conduct a survey only with the names of the current candidates. The latest data will likely be posted at the last possible moment on Friday night.

The ban on posting polls two weeks ahead of the 2014 election by former Interior Minister Robert Kaliak of Smer believes that the heads of agencies are illogical.

This moratorium applies for the first time to the 2016 parliamentary elections. The difference between the published polls and the results of the election was obvious.

"It's like a break If you want to go to Egypt and decide for the last minute, you will see the awards. Can you imagine the last minute when prices would not be?", Says Vaclav Christch from IF.

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The results of the survey, according to Focus leader Martin Slosiarika, are the classic information that voters can decide on. If they are persuaded in the long run that they will vote for a candidate because they recognize his values, the study will not affect him. But there are people who decide rationally and purposefully.

If they fluctuate among the three candidates, new studies can show them who chooses to keep their voice.

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