Thursday , June 24 2021

Revealed! Kate Middleton plans for the fourth child and the reason is … (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton she is the mother of three children, but she does not seem to have finished her birth.

A source close to the family of the UK website, revealed that the duchess wants another child and even revealed why and when!

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William William's 37-year-old husband hopes the next child will decide after seeing what has happened between George and Charlotte. This brotherly-sister relationship convinced her that she would like something like the youngest Luisa so far and plans to be born in 2020. She hopes for a girl who is a young boy age.

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Besides having a big and happy family, Kate has one more reason for another child. Many have called him selfish, but Prince William's wife thinks so. What is this reason? You count in the gallery under the article!

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Photo: Getty Images, Profimedia

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