Tuesday , September 28 2021

RTVS does not post large hours for children after years. Foundations do not know why television

Gala Amal Night for children is stable for the pre-Christmas period. The RTVS, which organizes the event – Children 's Day Foundation (NDS) – provides space at the prime time. This year, on the 20th anniversary of the Children's Hour, it was not done, he preferred other projects.

Children's Clock is a general collection throughout the year, whose benefits are used by the Children's Foundation in Slovakia to support children and adolescents in Slovakia.

For 20 years, the Foundation has helped dozens of disadvantaged children, as well as grants and projects aimed at the school environment, intervention projects in cases of family failure or prevention projects aimed at developing relationships, creativity and children's activities. children.

For more than two decades of work, the Foundation has distributed more than five million Euros to Children. This is a TV program that helps the Foundation to make its activities visible every year. Directly during dinner, thousands of Slovaks will contribute to Hours for children through SMS messages or phone calls to known celebrities that they can connect during TV broadcasts. Collection results increase regularly by tens of thousands of euros.

Gala Night was eliminated in the 20th year

For the past 19 years only one hour has not been on the public television screen when the program was temporarily moved to a commercial station. Absence from RTVS was repeated this year – the night gala broadcast on television did not find a place.

RTVS has so far provided a pro bono foundation with existing and previous management. Through its own capacity, some contributed to the implementation of the night itself, which was funded jointly by the Foundation. Last December, at Children's Hours on December 16, 251,000 strong viewers from 12 years received a market share of 13 percent, a figure above the long-term average.

"As in the past 19 years, we have been trying to meet RTVS representatives since the beginning of the year because of other strategic planning, in this case, the 20th year of TV shows for Children. Apart from our long and intensive efforts, unfortunately we have not "was able to open a dialogue about the implementation and structure of our joint program," Zuzana Horváthová Bezecná, PR manager of the foundation, told MEDIÁLNÍ.sk.

Even in summer

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