Tuesday , June 15 2021

Scientists have found a USB key with pictures – Earth – science and technology


In the urban environment as well as elsewhere, nature also appears.


Scientists from New Zealand have discovered unexpected discoveries: they have found a functional USB key with photos and videos for rest in a sealing specimen.

The memory key includes, among other things, a video on which the female is sealed
play with the child. Experts analyze the stools of these sharks
Antarctica "in New Zealand assesses their health and wellbeing
they watch what they eat.

The frozen sample is stored in the year before thawing. He handed it over
a veterinarian who monitors unhealthy looking leopard stamps
from the beaches of South Island in New Zealand. "Where (where)
is in good shape, "said the NIWA research institute.

The scientist first dried the USB key for a few weeks. – It's great
worrying that these incredible Antarctic animals have plastics in themselves
as in this case, "said volunteer Jody Warren. owner
the mysterious key of memory remains unknown, and NIWA's research institute is
tries to find it.

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