Thursday , August 18 2022

Several women have accused Plachido Domingo of sexual harassment


The woman claims that their opera singer tried to sexually assault them.

A number of women told the Associated Press (AP) that renowned opera singer Plato Domingo, 78, tried to sexually assault them, offering job opportunities, and in some cases even professional punishment, when they rejected his proposals.

Six other women said Domingo's sexual suggestions made them uncomfortable. And nearly 30 other people in the opera world said they were eyewitnesses to Domingo's inappropriate, sexually colored behavior and that he had been chasing young women with impunity.

Domingo described these claims as extremely painful and inaccurate. He added: "I was convinced that all my contacts and contacts were always welcome and voluntary."

Seven of the nine women blaming Domingo for AP said they had an adverse effect on their careers when they rejected his love offers. Some even said they never received the tasks he promised them.

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