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Skoda Kodik and Caroc: News for 2020

In addition to the technology, the younger Karoq also gets a new engine.

MLADÁ BOLESLAV. Although Škoda was already selling Yeti in the form of yachts, the SUV offensive started in 2016 with the arrival of the big SUI of Kodiaq. A year later followed the compact Karoq and soon the smallest Kamiq would complete them.

Although Skoda's useful models are popular, the carmaker wants to stay up-to-date, so both models will see smaller changes after a short time on the market.

This is not a facelift, so design changes for 2020 are minimal. The luggage compartment door logo now replaces the very popular chrome letters with a long distance, making it easier to recognize the newer models.

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In addition, the larger Kodiaq will expand the offer with new 20-inch alloy wheels available only for the highest equipment. Also new are tire pressure sensors for all 18-inch wheels or more in diameter.

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Rear viewing will replace the Side Assist extra charge system, which has a range of up to 70 meters instead of the previous twenty. It is also more visible the light warning that has moved into the mirror lid.

A major innovation is the availability of an adaptive DCC chassis for front-wheel drive, so far it has been possible to combine with a 4×4 drive.

Adjustable hardness shock absorbers offer three modes of driving – from comfortable to sporty.

The latest novel, which is common to both models, relates to non-contact access. Once again, the transmitter in the switch turns off after fifteen minutes without moving. This reduces the risk of theft if the key is placed on the table, for example.

One of the most interesting news concerns only the smaller Karoqu and is a new motorization. Under the bonnet, a new 190 hp, combined with a all-wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG, was found. This combination has long been known by the bigger Kodiaq.

Updated versions of Kodiaqu and Karoqu for the model year to 2020 will soon be sold.

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