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Slovakia – USA Cup Hlinka Gretzky 2019

The Slovaks will challenge the Russians in the third game.

August 6, 2019 at 9:52 pm (Updated on August 6, 2019 at 10:50 pm) SITA

Hlinka Greek Cup 2019 – Group B

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Piestany. The Slovak ice hockey team under 18 lost in the second leg of the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup tournament. On Tuesday night, the Piešťany B-Group lost to the Americans 3: 4 after extra time.

The American hockey players took the lead in the 7th minute when confusion in the Slovak defense took advantage of Avery Hayes and overtook Simon Latkoshi closely.

The Slovaks in the first period came to an end only sporadically, but even thanks to a shot by Samuel Rehak. The more satisfied guests, however, went into the changing rooms, while Ryan Beck was left naked outside the door and scored comfortably.

The Americans were more active after the change of countries. After they hit the pole and with one goal, their turn was the verdict of the referee, who saw the attacker's position in the goal to fold.

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The overseas team was looking for poor performance just before the second siren. After the left wing escaped Jan Lashak Jr., who missed to shoot at the door of Crazy Hog.

The third act was in the long battles between goalie Latkóczy and the American finishers, but in the 53rd minute unexpectedly hit the home team.

After the defeat of the US defense, Oleksi Mikluta failed, but after Martin Chromyak arrived, the puck slid right beyond the line.

The joy of the Slovakian team lasted for a very short time, because about a minute later Oliver Fatul went to the penalty box and Ben Sean equalized in a power play.

In the 58th minute, Rehak had a solution for hockey, which was quick to shoot, but Hog made an important intervention.

In the overtime, Samuel Kyazhko brought the puck to the American goal, but the referee interrupted the game.

Matthew Kashlik did not take the break and the team after Roman Faith's foul made use of the power play that was used for the winning goal by Alex Gafni.

The Slovaks will close their performance in the main B group at 19:00 on Wednesday, August 7, when they start against the Russians.

They are 100% of the event so far. They triumphed over the Americans 6: 2, and the Swedes managed to score 3: 0, making them the first place in the group.

Hlinka Greek Cup – summary on Tuesday

A-group (Breclav, Czech Republic)

goals: 16. and 49. H. Lapierre, 32. and 38. Perfetti, 10. Poirier, 11. O'Rourke, 40. Surdif, 52. Quile

goals: 43. Mouse – 18., 34. and 36. Hirvonen, 28. Rati, 37. Nimi

firstCanada2200014: 06 b
the secondFinland210015: 73 b
the thirdCzechs201015: 82 b
4thSwitzerland2001103:121 b

B Group (Piestany, Slovakia)

goals: 53. Ponomariov, 56. Trinev, 59. Tsutnev

firstRussia220009: 26 b
the secondSweden210013: 53 b
the thirdUSA201016: 92 b
4thSlovakia200115: 71 b

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Ivan Fenes, coach of Slovakia: "We saw great hockey again. Both teams cost a lot of power for this game, but I think our guys make great advertising for Slovakian youth hockey. After a long time we are a balanced opponent of all the teams in this tournament.

Our goal is to motivate and uplift players every day to improve at least a little bit, and we have succeeded now. The boys showed great militancy, it was obvious that both teams had a leg match on Monday. We saw great hockey, emphasized by the excellent performance of the two goalkeepers. And it has to be said that every time Slovakian hockey has achieved considerable success, it has been based on the outstanding results of the goalkeeper.

We also want to build our team of great goalkeepers because when the goalkeeper has a successful intervention in the match, the whole team mentally rises and bets on gambling. Hat down to Simon Latcocci, who caught on Tuesday and wiped out some of his opponent's clean chances.

Shimon Latkoshi, goalkeeper of Slovakia: "I think we played a good game, maybe we were a little lucky at the end and if we played the first period better and didn't score two goals, the match would look a lot different.

I try to capture what I can because good goalkeeping is the foundation against so many opponents. The USA is always catching well, there are a lot of shots and I have to be always on the alert. I'm glad I could have helped the boys at least to one point, but surely the result could have been better. "

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