Friday , June 18 2021

Steam washing machines. Discover the modern way of washing.

If you already lose patience due to energy bills and imperfectly washed laundry, try a steam machine.

Recently, one of the most important changes in washing technology is steam washing, which is gentle and yet very effective.

The technology of steam washing lies in the natural disintegration of textile fibers by steam. This will allow the detergent to penetrate more deeply and also remove very resistant stains.

Furthermore, antibacterial high temperature steam treatment effectively destroys bacteria and removes laundry up to 99% of allergens, dust particles and mites, says the site of one of's steam detergents.

After the disinfection program is launched, the steamer in the drum is brewed, which will heal and treat the laundry, which will overcome the white and other colors.


If you need your laundry to get rid of cigarette smoke or cooking odor, it can be achieved without the need for washing. This is intended by refresh programs "Refresh".

Another program that facilitates washing is the "Air Bubble" which, by means of air bubbles, dissolves the detergent in the drum more easily.

Eco Program, like modern dishwashers, saves nature and tries to drain the least contaminated water from the steam machine.

Steam cleaners often have dual shower function. It is a gentle system that disperses the water pumped from the bottom of the drum and steam from the steam generator.

This washing technique ensures a stable and optimal wash temperature, informs the dealer.

Compared to conventional washing machines, steam is considerably more gentle and reliably scoured by the finest linen, such as silk. The bleached laundry in the steam machine is more aerated and gentle.


A larger drum volume provides the ability to dry more laundry without having to find another dryer space in the home. Thanks to the dryer, the laundry remains less creased, making it easier to iron.

Steam washing machines are faster and thanks to the direct drive of the drum are less loud than conventional ones. Thanks to this technology, they expect a longer service life.

For example, LG provides a guarantee of up to 10 years for its steam washing machines, informs Housing for Everyone.

Para heats the inside of the drum faster than water, and therefore steam is about a third faster and also more energy efficient. It saves up to 30% of the normal energy and water consumed.


The only disadvantage of steam washing machines is their higher price. While a conventional automatic washing machine is available on the market for as little as 180 euros, steam engine prices range from 350 to 1100 euros.

The optimum ratio of quality and price can be achieved in price levels of 500 – 600 euros.

Particular laundry will be used especially by households with small children or allergies. This washing technology will be appreciated by anyone who wants fragrant clothing even after one wearing, does not like long ironing and wants to save energy and time.

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