Monday , June 14 2021

Swan significantly reduces the price of the highest TV package. He took HBO off him

The operator adjusts the price of the highest package by 10 euros per month.

Swan announced the addition of additional HD stations to individual packages. It also reduces the price of the top XL package. But he came to HBO's premium channels.

"Since February, Swan has changed the mix of extras, and most of the extra TV channels have been added to the standard S-XL packages without lifting them, on the contrary, for the largest service program XL, its price drops 33 percent from the current 29.99 up to 19.99 euros, "said Swann." If you already have a package, the price change and the program offer will be adjusted after the engagement expires.

HBO in the XL package is over

Upon switching, the highest packet contains 20% more stations, more than 60 in HD quality. HBO HD, HBO2 HD, HBO3 HD, which are recently available for 7.99 euros per month, are also out of the offer, even after activation, the customer saves around 2 euros per month.

The HBO package with Cinemax channels costs 10.99 euros per month. So far, packages cost one euro per month more.

At the same time, the operator canceled eleven additional packages and left only five in the offer. "All changes will be immediate and existing customers, and the discontinued extra packages will no longer be invoiced," said the provider.

How do I download the Swan TV packages for new ones?

  • Digital TV "S" for 7.99 euros per month – 40 stations, of which 20 are HD. In particular, HD HD, HD HD, Markie HD, JOJ HD, Home HD, Wau HD, plus HD, HDTV, TA3 HD, HDTV, HD HD, HD luxury TV, HD HD HD, RiK HD, HD Ruzinov HD and Spartak TV HD.
  • Digital TV "M" for 11.99 euros per month – Contains all stations in the "S" package and 18 other stations including 10 in HD: Arena Sport 1 HD, Auto Moto Sport HD, Animal Planet HD, Discovery HD channel, Eurosport 1 HD, Eurosport 2 HD Film + HD, Spectrum HD , Sport 1 HD and Viasat History HD
  • Digital TV "L" for 14.99 euros per month – Offers stations from "S", "M" and 26 other channels. 13 of them are broadcast in high definition: AMC HD, Discovery Turbo Xtra HD, Discovery Science HD, Duck TV HD, Sport 2 HD, Golf Channel HD, NGC HD, Nova Sport 1 HD, Nova Sport 2 HD, Travel Channel HD , NGC Wild HD, Viasat Explore HD, and Viasat Nature HD
  • Digital TV "XL" for 19.99 euros per month – offers "S", "M", "L" and 27 other packages, one third of which is HD: Discovery Showcase HD, FashionBox HD, FightBox HD, FilmBox Premium HD, FilmBox Extra HD, DocuBox HD, Food Network HD, Euronews HD and 360 TuneBox HD

The change will also touch the Duo package of 90 Mbit / s Internet and XL TV, which so far cost 34.99 euros. After the change, the amount is € 29.99 per month.

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