Thursday , July 29 2021

Take ducats: Samsung believes the TOP Galaxy S10 is crazy for 1,599 €

The concept of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus concept (PHOTO @evleaks + @ 91mobile /

Samsung It is supposed to be amazingly high for the well-equipped version of his upcoming flagship. Technological galleries, but at the same time recall that the user Galaxy S10 it can rely on the very high standard equipment that has to make even the premium ceramics.

We learned about the price thanks to the server TuttoAndroid, who came up with the report of the underworld in which he mentions up to EUR 1 599,

The word here is probably a piece Galaxy S10 + with a dual-camera selfie directly on the display. His real appearance only recently confirm picture straight from the streets where someone officially introduced a smartphone usedas if nothing could be done.

Unique price tags:

  • Galaxy S10 Lite / Galaxy S10 E (6/128 GB) – 779 euros
  • Galaxy S10 (6/128 GB and 8/256 GB) – 929 and 1,179 euros
  • Galaxy S10 + (6/128 GB, 8/256 GB and 12/1 TB) – 1 049, 1 299 and EUR 1,599

Probably a new amount will be proposed for the above amount 12 GB operative memory RAM, 1 TB storage of data, including ceramic design with unique metal coloring.

Non-standard material also opens the door higher physical sustainability, which for the potential entrant means that the new flagship will damage a little more difficult than usual. Ceramics seem to receive only the best equipped and at the same time most expensive version, so we'll have to pay a little.

The show will be held February 20th, when we will probably see the first smartphone from the company's workshop Samsung, which are equipped Infinity Flex display,

It's charging ... It's charging …

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