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The American flags of the Moon are probably in the process of disintegration

The absence of an atmosphere exposes them to direct sunlight.

American astronauts, who were on the moon's surface, left a memorial flag in the United States to prove their presence. But today they are probably fading, and some are even in the process of full disintegration, Business Insider reports.

Between 1969 and 1972, members of Apollo left six flags of the Earth's natural companion. But since the Moon, unlike our planet, has no atmosphere, all objects on its surface are exposed to direct and still sunlight.

The photos taken by the Moonlight Exploration Orbit in 2012 surprisingly showed that up to five of the six flags remained. However, the nylon material from which all flags are made has undergone irreversible change.

Unfavorable environment

It should be remembered that in a few days it will be 50 years since Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon as part of the legendary mission of Apollo 11. on Earth.

However, the conditions are much more extreme on the Moon. Regular 14-day solar radiation cycles alternate with 100 ° C and 14 days cold alternate to -150 degrees Celsius.

Although it is very likely that the decomposition process has not completely destroyed all flags concerned, it is no longer possible to recognize the flag of the country due to fading. Our natural companion remains without true recognition for the triumph of the US space program.

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