Monday , June 14 2021

The Big Return of the Stars a Thousand and One Night: This Turkish Series Will Replace the Wedding Bride

See the first reviews of the new romantic series you will see in the Home.

Beginning in February, the romantic series of the series will end on the home TV screens Unmarried brideWell, if there are other episodes in Turkey, we will offer you adequate compensation in the form of a new Turkish series so far!

It will bear the name The happiness of my childrenThere is a story about a man who has two families in two Turkish cities. Kemal has twins with love for youth in Adana and his son and daughter in Istanbul. He is a successful businessman who has ever had to listen to his parents and change his life and love. A few years later his family intervened …

One of the main tasks will be presented by Megapixel's best friend Sherizade Benna Thousands and one night, actress Jayda Dwvenci,

The happiness of my children

Check out the first previews of the new series in videos and join fans at the premiere of a serial romance on the official Facebook page.

He is a careful father, but not just a family!

Start on February 11 at Home!

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