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The Czechs also fought in Lige from Slovakia for the second time: Slovakia dropped from Division B

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19. 11. 2018, 20:45


1: 0

Sinobo Stadium (Prague)


aim: 32. Schick. YC: 13. Pavelka (CZE), 89. Prekkal (CZE) – 45. Skrtel (SVK), 69. Skriniar (SVK). judge: Alejandro Hernandez – Teodoro Sobrino, Raúl Cabanero – Ricardo De Burgos, José Luis Munuera Montero – Roberto del Palomar (All Spo). audience: 16 623.

CZE List:

Vaclik – Kadeřábek, Čelůstka, Kalas, Novák – T. Souček – Vydra (64. Gebre Selassie), Dočkal, Pavelka, Jankto (76. Krejčí) – Schick (82. Doležal).


Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel, Skriniar, Hancko – Bero, Greguš (58. Duda), Hamšík – Rusnák (58. Mak), Zreľák (79. Nemec), Stoch.


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The Czech Republic will win the place of origin and will be held in the B-Division of the League of Nations. Slovak players have not made a significant opportunity today and will be at a lower level in the next edition of this competition.

The only goal scored by Patrik Schick in 32 minutes was Dúbravka from the sixth limit after the failure of the Slovak stopper in the center of the field.

Ball ownership: 43%: 57%.
Shot on target: 2: 2 Shot: 5: 3 corner: 7: 6 Off side: 2: 1. violation: 12:15

90 + 3 min

Neither Stochov, neither Makov, nor Hancock's centers are accurate. Unfortunately, Slovakia plays a bad game today.

90 + 2 min

There was still time for one attack, Dúbravka sent far ahead.

90 + 1 min

Three minutes.

90 min

The Czechs play a corner kick, their eyes are attached to the fourth referee.

89 min

A yellow card is given by Bořek Dočkal (Czech Republic).

88 min

Theodor Gebre Selassie got one more second for good after an unexpected Ondrej Duda foul.

87 min

Ondrej Dud cannot keep up with the hunger of the Bundesliga on the national team. The goal after this shot did not come, the audience in Prague had already celebrated retention in the League-B division-B.

86 min

Róbert Mak combined with Bero in a large limestone. Mak wants to keep playing with heels, he only found Czech players.

85 min

Matúš Bero has assisted in a foul with Součekom, but the ball is cleared by Vaculík.

84 min

Martin Doležal fought fearlessly before hesitating Hancka, taking the ball, but only for a few seconds. Dúbravka rushed to play.

83 min

After he arrived, he reached a standard and was detained by someone other than Bořek Dočkal. The Slovak team managed to get security.

82 min

Substitution in the Czech Republic: Patrik Schick leaves Martin Doležal.

80 min

An unsuccessful shot by them from outside the penalty box. The ball finally turned from the gate and headed for the corner.

79 min

Slovak substitution team: Adam Zreľák leaves Adam Nemec.

77 min

Hamsik in the center of the circle does not need to come up with nonsense at the corner with Gebre Selassio. It is a break that has an alternative player if not. In his tagline, Krejci and Schick went to him, but he was truly invincible. Kicking bad is an opportunity.

76 min

Substitution in the Czech Republic: Jakub Jankto left Ladislav Krejčí.

75 min

The ball from the far side of the field cannot go out.

74 min

Czechs attack slowly and quickly. Pavelka plays too hard on Janket. Even with luck, it is home now because they are steaming and getting standard.

73 min

After another club from Spišmachra Bořka Dočkal will be kicked just from the gate of Slovakia. The decision was a little surprising by the Chief Arbitrator.

72 min

Errors by the home side's central defense after 26 minutes allowed Jakub Jankto to escape. Coach Martin Skrtel went through the team's attacking team on the field.

70 min

Today's meeting was attended by 16,623 spectators.

69 min

The center of Dockal falls above Kalas's head, ending beside Dúbravka's Temple.

69 min

Milan Skriniar sees a yellow card after Skrtel. He made a mistake against Schick.

68 min

Stoch had no problem catching the probe from Gebre Selassie. Slovakia cannot create a goal opportunity.

67 min

Jakub Jankto lay for a moment on the lawn. Everything is fine, Jankto will continue the game.

66 min

Patrik Schick is on his way to a good Dočkalov lob, but sand is outside the box.

65 min

Direct kick for the Czech Republic. The reason is the violation of Duckal before large lime.

64 min

Substitution in the Czech Republic: Matěj Vydra left, Theodor Gebre Selassie arrived.

63 min

Matěj Vydra fulfilled a defensive task when he did not have the chance to pass Hanck on the left wing.

62 min

After two minutes we recorded the defeat of Filip Novák. The long cars aren't about one of the people in the red jersey.

60 min

In the end, Duda was not finished, but he was not a shooting attempt at the Vaclek Gate.

59 min

Widower was immediately involved in the attack, but Hanck's center was a loser. There is at least a corner for Slovakia.

58 min

Substitution in Slovakia: Ján Greguš leaves Ondrej Duda.
Alternating with the Slovak team: Albert Rusnák will leave, Róbert Mak arrives.

57 min

Tomáš Souček just fired a shot at Milan Skriniar from the penalty area. Guests will spin.

55 min

The Czechs defended themselves and immediately began to divide. Matěj Vydra could not use this option, she bent down the side line, so she lost her chance to threaten.

54 min

The center also came from the right, Peter Pekarík got a corner on Kareřábka.

53 min

Active Hancko on the left looking for Zrelak, it was unsuccessful and unnecessary.

52 min

Matúš Bero was dismissed after taking a second yellow card in the game.

50 min

The Slovaks comfortably turned the ball centered on the wing. However, after changing sides, Pavel Happal became more prominent.

49 min

Schick had a good chance to reduce the scoreline for Schick after 6 minutes, but he could only look anxiously when his shot recovered from the crossbar.

48 min

Jankto relaxed on his left wing, looking for Dockal. However, he was in autumn right outside the gate, especially for him.

46 min

Matěj Vydra pushed his right wing, but he did not find his previous teammate in Dúbravko.

46 min

The second half begins.

The first semi-final half was clearly topped by our players, but it turned around and more and more home-viewers were on the road, and they also struggled to make use of their efforts. The second part of this game is very interesting for us.

45 min

The second half is right second.

45 min

The yellow card gets Martin Skrtel (Slovakia).

44 min

Corner kick from a lot of water is not right, so our soccer fans can be happy.

43 min

Our football is currently not playing at all. Martin Dúbravka now, but he misses the captain of the home team.

42 min

Soucek came to the dangerous end, but he was very close.

41 min

Martin Skrtel had to score for Patrik Schick's goal, which had plenty of room to put the right shot on target.

40 min

Miroslav Stoch did not find David Hank, so our team's action ended.

39 min

Jankto was very fast when Raúl Cabanero caught him in an offside position.

38 min

The first deed is slow, but close to the end. The ball currently holds soccer players in white uniforms.

37 min

Pavelka, who was lucky enough to see her, was lucky enough, and fortunately for her guests, she was beside her.

35 min

Jan Gregus is now perfectly and clearly stopping the Czech contingent.

33 min

The selection of Slovakia is a very challenging task when they have to shoot at least 2 goals in about an hour if they want to remain in group B.

32 min

The Czech Republic gives a goal!
PATRIK SCHICK was afraid of the opportunity, the shot towards the goal was inaccurate and his shot went wide. However, Jakub Jankt made a spectacular save.

30 min

Half an hour of playing was successful behind us. The Slovak team is still more active.

29 min

Filip Novák later quarreled with Alberto Rusnák, and therefore carried out illegal operations.

28 min

The Home Tribes requested a standard situation, but their request had not been heard.

27 min

The rifle ran in a duel against Kalasso and because of that the ball fell to the home team.

26 min

After Jan Gregus's failure, the Czechs were exiled to a dangerous break, but fortunately Martin Skrtel was blamed.

25 min

Matúš Bero was forced to disrupt the Czech action led by Bořek Dočkal.

24 min

The Slovak break doesn't work at all, when it's perpendicular to the defense for too long.

23 min

After half of the first half, home-based players also woke up.

22 min

Fortunately for our choice, Patrik Schick entered a promising position, so Matus Bero could stop him.

21 min

Alber Rusnák made the ball out and got a free kick for a foul.

20 min

The home team finally tried to push Bořek Dočkal.

19 min

David Hancko made his way through the middle, but Adam Zreľák's shot from the left followed an almost unbelievable goal after a corner kick.

17 min

Hamsik was uncomfortable caught in the sixth opponent, where his passport was defeated at twelve o'clock.

16 min

In a recurring corner kick, Greguš makes a foul cross with Janktom.

15 min

The Slovak managed to win just a corner kick from a corner kick.

14 min

Marek Hamšík can send our team to lead! After a good move in the middle Marc Vacík almost scored.

13 min

The yellow card gets David Pavelka (Czech Republic).

12 min

Marek Hamšík almost put the visitors as one of the leads, but the ball glanced dangerously from the crossbar.

11 min

Patrik Schick failed to score 1 in 1 with Martin Skrtel, so the danger of the Czechs being blessed.

10 min

At the Prague stadium, a clear song "Slovakia!" Now it sounds. This certainly will encourage our soccer players more and more advanced.

9 min

The match of the Czech Republic has been challenged by Adam Zrelak. The home team was thrown into an inaccurate goal that ended with Milan Skriniar.

8 min

Dávid Hancko was sent off for a corner from the left corner, but he managed to win a pass from the defender.

7 min

Milan Skriniar did not have the chance to take the ball from him by scoring.

6 min

After the work of Petr Pekarík the first Slovak football soccer player will play.

5 min

Miroslav Stocha Center did not find the correct address when it ended with Filip Novák.

4 min

Filip Novák completes all situations with just a long kick and the ball is only in our soccer pick.

3 min

The ball is currently held by Slovak football players who exchange short passes themselves.

2 min

Matúš Bero did not fight Ondrej Pavelk, so he only won for our team.

1 min

The meeting has just begun.

Assembly of introduction:

Czech Republic: Vaclik – Kadeřábek, Čelůstka, Kalas, Novák – T. Souček – Vydra, Dočkal (C), Pavelka, Jankto – Schick.
Substitutes: Pavlenka, Koubek – Gebre Selassie, Brabec, Krejci, Darida, Stronati, Skalak, Pudil, Dolezal, M. Frydek, Travnik.

Slovakia: Dúbravka – Pekarík, Skrtel (C), Skriniar, Hancko – Bero, Greguš, Hamsik – Rusnák, Zreľák, Stoch.
Substitutes: Kozáčik, Rodák – Weiss, Hyšovský, Duda, Nemec, Durish, Mak, Hubocan, Sabo, Vavro.

judge: Alejandro Hernandez – Teodoro Sobrino, Raúl Cabanero – Ricardo De Burgos, José Luis Munuera Montero – Roberto del Palomar (All Spo).

Congratulations on watching online text transfers today from the last match but most importantly UEFA League of Nations. In the match in Prague Sinobo Stadium we will learn the name that goes down to league C and the name that will remain in league B.

The first federal derbi in the competition ended in victory Czech Republic 1: 2. In Trnava he opened the score Michael Krmenčík, which he answered for 10 minutes Marek Hamšík. Increasing pressure from the Slovak team culminated in the goal of the Czech Republic. He reached a substitute Patrik Schick.

Slovakia on Friday he gets three very important points when he doesn't have a chance at home ukraine. The first match under the new coach stick was handled by the Slovak representative to a very good winner and the same from our group was sent home by hitting 4: 1. The goal is blurred Albert Rusnak, Juraj Kucka, Adam Zrelak and Róbert Mak. The biggest star is taken by the guests Evgen Konoplyanka.

For positions that are not attractive on the table, in addition to strict losses switch and lose 1: 0 on ukraine. There, Slovakia only collected one goal in the 80th minute, when he scored white points Andriy Yarmolenko.

Today's duel will be under the umbrella of an experienced referee Spanish. He will have the greatest responsibility Alejandro Hernandez, who they will help on the track Teodoro Sobrino and Raúl Cabanero. Sixteen will be under the thumb Ricardo De Burgos and José Luis Munuera Montero. The specified rotation and time will be responsible Roberto del Palomar.

Prague is waiting for us today, because we will find ourselves coming down from the struggle of our cousins. He currently goes to the lower league Slovakia, because he has a worse partner and is therefore a traitor Pavela Hapala must get 3 points.

The Betting Office tilts the heavy bowl slightly to the side of the house where the odds are around 2.3. Instead, our choices are up to 3.2. Today's players have expected a game, and now there are still many tips in front of the field. Sit and enjoy this duel before us.

Welcome to online transmission. The meeting will begin at 8:45 p.m.

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